How to Clean Up Windows PC Faster Like New?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Clean Up Windows PC Faster Like New?

When you used a computer over a long time, you might have a notice that your PC is not running as fast as it used to be. This depends on many reasons. First, your computer maybe must to be running more programs and storing many files after a long time using. But always has some easy ways to clean up PC faster and you can see it runs fast like new again. Here are some ways for your "old guy":

The first thing which you can do is removing the old files. For a prediod, your computer stored more and more files, including old and new. So you must "freeing it". You know, when your PC has many files, it is not going to runs as fast. Finding all of old files, unnecessary files, folders and delete all. Maybe you need to buy a  portable hard drive for moving some files which you still need.

OK. Then you need to uninstall the programs which you not in using more. By uninstalling all unnecessary programs you can clean up your PC and make it runs faster. Simple way is enter Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs then select the programs which wanna uninstall by click on "Remove" or" Uninstall"

uninstall windows programs

Delete temporary files. Your computer will run faster if it does not have a bunch of temporary files stored on the hard drive. You can clean up a computer by searching for files that end with a .tmp extension.If you are using Windows, right click on Start and then click Explore. Click to highlight your hard drive (typically c:). Click Search>All Files and Folders. Type *.tmp and then click Search. Explorer will display a list of temporary files that can be deleted. Click on one of the files. Press Ctrl + A to highlight all of the files. Then, press Delete to delete the files.

Empty your recycle bin. The recycle bin keeps copies of the files that you delete. You can clean your computer by removing files from your computer permanently. You do this by emptying the recycle bin.If you are using Windows, right click on Start and then click Explore. Right click on Recycle Bin. Click Empty Recycle Bin>Yes.

Run an error check on your computer. You can make your computer run faster by removing errors that slow down your computer's performance. If you are using Windows, click Start>My Computer. Right click on your hard drive (typically c:) and then select Properties. Click the Tools tab>Check Now and then Start.

Defragment your computer. A computer that has not been defragmented is not going to operate efficiently. To make a computer run faster, defragment your computer so that it will operate in a more logical and faster way. If you are using Windows, you can do this by clicking Start>My Computer. Right click on your hard drive (typically c:) and then select Properties. Click the Tools tab>Defragment Now and then Defragment.

Clean up your registry. Software is available that will automatically fix any registry errors on your computer. Fixing registry errors can make a computer run faster, including speeding up the time that it takes to boot up your computer when you turn it on.

These actions you need to do weekly for keeping your PC always "clean" and runs fast as new. However, there are some softwares which helping you do that well. One of them is PC Health Boost. You no need remember any technology skills, the software will made it for you and better than you thought.

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