Tim Cook talk about reason iPhone products have no big size

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tim Cook talk about reason iPhone products have no big size

At the meeting D11 held on May 29th, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed much information about the product "Apple", which is why the company is not a large screen of the iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Photo: Business Insider 

When Apple was busy with iPod, company has launched many an iPod with sizes from small to large, such as iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle. But to break the mold when Samsung smartphone size 4.x to 5.x smartphones inch inch Galaxy (S3, Note), to create a new trend in the market, Apple is losing market share.

The reason for this, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: "Apple has sold many types of iPod because the market is large enough, should produce different sizes of products that meet the different needs each person is reasonable. "Every iPod has a different function separately.

So far, Apple has tried to serve all people with all kinds of needs with a single iPhone. "This may change over time," said Tim Cook said. "Apple could create a phone with a big screen."

The time it takes a long time to the details of a phone with hardware, software and services. To do this, well, he prefers to focus on a multi-line phone. That's why Apple has not released many smartphones already perform similar to the iPod.

In addition, according to Tim Cook, "a (smartphone) on the big screen today in many exchange market," as the display of the dark color of the screen brightness and use more power and less true. During this time, Apple's customers want the "burden" of the foregoing and "make a decision".

"And now Apple is making a slightly smaller screen, this is the best solution for most customers."

On the market trend and losing market share to rivals, says Tim Cook "victory is never on the creation of more." He continued to explain, "the Apple laptops to create the best, but not the best. Create the best MP3 player, but no more. Creating the best tablet sell more Best. Create the best smartphone, but no more. "

Tim Cook is based on three measures: the commitment, the level of customer satisfaction and business.

Video Apple CEO Tim Cook talk about "Why Apple Only Makes One iPhone" at the D11 Conference - Source: YouTube / WSJ / AllThingsD