Facebook will get WhatsApp?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Facebook will get WhatsApp?

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is in talks to acquire messaging applications on mobile devices WhatsApp is a large number of users.

WhatsApp Facebook

Established since 2009 in the United States, WhatsApp company offers an application for smartphones, is compatible multiple mobile platforms including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. Application (app) WhatsApp messages using group data network (Wi-Fi, 3G), do not use telecommunication networks such as SMS, MMS.

WhatsApp's attraction is its ability to attach multimedia files such as images, audio or video message. The user can share the current geographical location to another, chatting in groups. All are free, not including subscription fees or annoying ads. Users simply connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

For Facebook, WhatsApp is a "potential gold mine" when the application now has 100 million users daily, a presence in 250 countries around the world and is compatible several different devices or platforms. As announced from WhatsApp, calculated to 10-2011 application has 1 billion messages per day.

There Facebook IM independence by building social networks is Facebook Messenger. Still available on most mobile platforms today, but Facebook Messenger still can not be compared with WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, the Google Talk instant messaging applications, Google Hangouts increasingly popular due to be built on the Android platform. Mobile messaging market more and more bloated by the rapid growth of smartphones. The market share pie lucrative untapped.

Data security concerns with WhatsApp

Dangerous error for user data WhatsApp Youth was published in the article "Gender graphics from free messaging application" (30-9-2012) has not been completely overcome.

Exchange of user data when sending from mobile devices via WhatsApp to the server can be stolen and decrypted easily, even accounting for the victim's account.

Announced the latest group in early December Heise Security said the latest version of WhatsApp can be exploited by hackers, send / receive messages from the victim's account that they did not know. The group for know WhatsApp company was "very slow" and "not positive" reception as well as error handling dangerous.

Now users can refer to group similar applications together, such as Skype, Line or Viber.