Windows 8 has been down by hackers

Monday, November 12, 2012

Windows 8 has been down by hackers

Last week, Windows 8 release is not only a great event but Microsoft was challenging for the government-sponsored hackers.

Windows 8 hacker

According to Forbes magazine, on Tuesday last, Vupen-company of French researchers to develop techniques to hack the software and sell it to the client government - announced that they have developed a tool exploits can control computer Window 8 running Internet Explorer 10 despite many significant security updates Microsoft has integrated into its latest operating system.

Prior to that, Mr. Chaouki Bekrar, CEO of Vupen claimed Vupen will penetrate the operating system Windows 8 on the day this was released (26/10).

Reply Forbes magazine reporter via email, he Bekrar writing, attacks Windows 8 will be subject to the protection of the company's threat. In-depth technical details of the vulnerabilities will be shared with the company's customers so they can use them to protect critical infrastructure against potential attacks or for national security purposes family.

Integrated operating system Windows 8 has a default anti-malware application called Windows Defender and replace the traditional BIOS of Windows - that is a part of computer memory that boots the operating system and initiate component system - by a system called the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (the system is designed to prevent any tampering could affect the operating system at boot time). Microsoft has also improved the security solutions Address Space Layout Randomization, used to hide the command executes random place in the computer's memory to prevent exploiting software vulnerabilities can not easily take advantage of a bug in the target application to find and run commands with malicious intent. And the Internet Explorer browser version using the "sandbox" has been upgraded to prevent hacker attacks browsers gain further access to the system.

He said Bekrar, after months of research, Vupen has defeated all of these security measures is to exploit new tools that they provide to customers.

Microsoft has no official comment on this information.