Facebook seeks to protect women

Friday, May 31, 2013

Facebook seeks to protect women

Facebook strengthening efforts against the hostile rhetoric, especially the message encouraging violence against women registered on their site.

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Facebook seeks to protect women
Facebook seeks to protect women

According to CNN, Marne Levine, Facebook's vice president said: "In those days, it is clear that our system did not detect and effectively eliminate the hostile arguments, particularly on the issue of equal world."

Levine admitted in some cases, the message encourages violence against women is not removed from Facebook or persist on the site quickly. "In recent months, we have tried to upgrade the system to react quickly, but without success We must do better and we will." - Said Mr. Levine.

A coalition of advocacy organizations for women called Women, Action and Media is in favor of the Facebook statement. Facebook Group confirms suggested they join the campaign against the hostile messages on social networks.

Facebook is committed to intensify efforts to detect hostile messages with the assistance of legal experts and advocacy groups for women's rights, training of company personnel to detect hostile messages. Facebook will force users intend to create pages whose content is to provide sensitive personal information.

The Facebook page of the group of people with names like "Kick ass girl because you do not get a sandwich", "girlfriend of a brutal rape for fun", "prostitutes Pierre flooding in their bellies" ... are labeled "offensive" (offensive, disgusting). These pages are no longer displayed in search results on Facebook ....

Mr. Levine said that this is a difficult challenge to Facebook. However, Facebook - with over one billion members - will create a balance between eliminating hostile to guarantee freedom of expression messages.

"We want to provide a platform for people to freely share ideas, but always respect the rights of others - he said Levine - To do this, we will make every effort to ensure that their sites are safe, clean , helping people to easily share and connect. "

Before that, in addition to anti-women messages, some users to create Facebook pages praising the perpetrator of the shooting of mass murder or suspect James Holmes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Boston bomb. Therefore, the organization has protected rights group campaigns of violence against women message.

Some companies also pulled ads of the Facebook page to protest against the violent message. Including car brand Nissan, Dove ...