Bill Gates still washes the dishes every night

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bill Gates still washes the dishes every night

During his visit to Australia, the U.S. billionaire Bill Gates leads the world's richest, but he still washes the dishes every night.

Bill Gates

In an interview with ABC, when asked why he had all 10 million show, Bill Gates says he does not want too much money for their children because they want to "have the freedom to choose what we want to do in life."

The billionaire said that leaving too much money for the children of only negative rather than the positive effects. "I believe that a child should grow up knowing that he must find a way to have a job and money. And you will not be able to understand that all of a sudden there is money that the desired improvements" - Bill Gates said.

"I lost consciousness many things in life. I was weeding the garden in a long period of time - Bill Gates is a joke - I've forgotten how it works. But I always wash the dishes every night. There is much work to maintain." Bill Gates said.