CBProads Review: Commended ClickBank Promote Program!

Monday, May 27, 2013

CBProads Review: Commended ClickBank Promote Program!

What's the CBProads?

CBProads is a membership advertising program that helps members increase exposure and sales for the affiliate products that they are promoting through the ClickBank affiliate network. This program offers members a way to advertise their affiliate products through a variety of ad venues; including banner ads, contextual ads and promotional widgets.

Make money with ClickBank

The procuring potential with Clickbank items is basically boundless. Clickbank.com offers just about 50 -75% requisitions on their item deals to their partners. Pay-for every-click frameworks (Eg: Google Adsense) produce a couple of pennies for every click, yet by pushing Clickbank® items (Pay-For every deal), you can gain more than $75 with only one deal! 

The Ulimate Tools to promote Clickbank Products

CBProads.com is an advertising program that concentrates on generating a variety of ads for ClickBank affiliates. ClickBank is the most popular digital product affiliate network on the internet today, and it boasts thousands of participating product and service publishers and affiliates. 

ClickBank affiliates often have a difficult time advertising the affiliate products from which they earn commissions. The standard way that most people promote the products that they sell as affiliates is through driving people to their own personal sales websites, which in turn contain links to the product or service sales pages. CBProads helps people to drive more traffic directly to the product or service sales pages..

CBProads is a membership site; you have to join before being able to take advantage of what they offer. You can join as a free member or a paid member, with the paid members obviously getting more benefits. As a free member, half the time the ads displayed by the program on your website will bring you direct ClickBank commissions, and half the time the commissions will be paid to the program itself. As a paid member, you receive 100% of the ClickBank commissions. This program even provides members with a storefront that has links to many ClickBank product or service sales pages..

CBProads generates different types of ads for its members, the code for which they can place directly on their websites. These ads will link directly to the ClickBank product sales pages, and members choose which types of ads they want to display. There is also a referral system in place, where members can recruit others to the program and earn commissions when their referrals upgrade to a paid membership..


Feedback on CBProads is generally positive. The ads that they generate for members are reported to be effective, as long as enough traffic is being sent to the sites where the ads are placed. Members need to remember that traffic generation is their responsibility; the program does not provide this. When the traffic is steady, however, the ads can be a great help, especially for paid members of the program..

Domain 'Whois'

The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The owner of 'CBProAds' has purposely made their Whois information private. While not always a bad thing, this could mean they have something to hide.

CBProAds is now my favorite way to advertise on Clickbank. You will see the ads on the site with the cover pictures. Here why i VERY MUCH like CBProads:

 CBProAds allows contextual Ads like Adsense, Text or Images.. and It has the best contextual ads formats!

 CBProAds can also display images and ebook covers..

 CBProAds can display ads according to keyword, eg 'roulette'..

 CBProAds does allow building a list of product which look like a little storefront, see Recommended Products..

 CBProAds uses real, customer focused descriptions and not the Clickbank product descriptions like 'Now converts 1:10 and pays 75%' - The CBProAds ad text is for the customer on your sites! If you use any of the other 'scripts' out there you get worthless descriptions!

 CBProAds has a FREE version where you can sign up and a certain percentage of the ads then has their ID in it. But you can start out with it for free!

 CBProAds is Dirt Cheap!! I paid Only $29 for a 6 month premium membership. This is a NO BRAINER!

 CBProAds also has a simple option to make a 'storefront'..

 CBProads also it has block image ads, list image ads, slide show ads, scroll ads and banner ads.. All are great alternatives to AdSense!

 CBProads it is the best storefront compared to the others and you can easily customize the storefront!

 CBProads you can also beside earning as an affiliate via ClickBank, CBProAds has an attractive affiliate program itself which gives you a good extra earning opportunity!

 CBProads it has a vault of free bonuses (with MRR; master resell rights) which you can earn 100% of the profits selling them.

 CBProAds ads have (almost) the same syntax as Google AdSense, so its very easy to replace or modify existing blog templates.

Nothing to add. Except that CBProAds frisking rocks and if you’re with ClickBank and have sites and do not use CBProAds you have a problem.

CBProAds if you are a Vendor:

If you are signed up with CBProAds and you are also a vendor (like me), you can add your own banners to the CBProAds database..

By default, any products from Clickbank are already in their system – but you can increase your own product’s exposure by adding more banners in various formats..

CBProAds offers 11 different banner sizes. There is a special login where you login as a vendor with your ClickBankID. This additional service is free!

It is recommended to upload as many different banner sizes as possible, all 11 sizes would give you the highest exposure. Your own product will also appear on any site which uses CBProAds!

You can also edit the ad and ad description for your product which is already in their database – but this is only needed if you want to change the existing ad text which is usually fine already.

In other words - CBProAds can make you money, whether you are a publisher, vendor or both!

How to best use CBProAds?

If you look around on my Internet Marketing site (the site you are on right now), it was really easy. I use a free WP template called 'flexibility'..

As with other templates which use Adsense it is no big deal to just replace the Adsense code with the CBProAds code since the syntax is ALMOST the same..

You look over your blog then, and depending on the niche you go on CBProAds and select an ad style and the product groups you want to have on your site..

In the case of this site, on the CBProAds interface i would just select all 'internet marketing' and similar products matching the blog subject. I preview the ad, a code is generated and then i paste this code into the theme template is to copy-n-paste to all your other blogs and websites to skyrocket your affiliate earnings..

To maximize the earning power of CBProAds, I’d strongly recommend to go for the Lifetime upgrade at $79.95. But wait! Don’t sign up immediately after you’ve joined.. In another couple of days/week, you’ll receive email from them with a discount code which you can grab your Lifetime upgrade at a cheaper rate ~$55.. The good thing about opting for Lifetime upgrade is that it is only a one-time purchase instead of recurring payments!

Now, take note that ClickBank do offer contextual ads itself! But why do I still recommend CBProAds? The answer is simple. CBProAds has a much better ads formats and variety. Hence, it gives you an edge to display more attention-capturing ads on your websites which will entice higher CTR (click through rate). With a greater flexibility and a versatile storefront, I give CBProAds two thumbs up.

Clickbank Storefronts as a WordPress Plugin

Clickbank Storefronts as a WordPress Plugin
Wordpress is one of the world's best content management system and is a great choice for anyone building a website. We provide 2 types of WordPress Plugins.
  • WordPress Plugin For CB Storefront.
  • WordPress Plugin For CB Niche Storefronts.
Using this service, as a WordPress plugin, you have the potential of installing and hosting the above said storefronts on to your server with just few clicks. If you are very keen on promoting the CB storefronts through SEO, this can be a great option. You can take advantage of the great flexibility that Wordpress offers for entirely customizing your storefront. This plugin integrates with any WordPress theme easily.

Now check CBProAds.com
and see for yourself how great it is!