New dinosaur fossils has been discovered in Canada

Monday, November 12, 2012

New dinosaur fossils has been discovered in Canada

Scientists have discovered fossils of herbivorous dinosaurs supposedly most primitive found in Canada.

Species dinosaurs with horns Xenoceratops. Photo: LiveScience.

Identified fossils of dinosaurs have horns Xenoceratops, more than 6 meters long, mine like parrots mine, two long horns, spines growing on the back and weighs over two tons.

A statement published in the journal "Science earth Canada" month know, Xenoceratops means that "the gun is" grass-eating, in southern Alberta, Calgary city about 400 km. These horns Xenoceratops allow researchers identified it as a new species of large horned dinosaurs body.

According to Dr. Michael Ryan, author of the study on, Xenoceratops is the most primitive plant-eating dinosaur found in Canada. The discovery of one of the oldest species of horned dinosaur gives scientists the idea of how the evolution of this species. Starting 80 million years ago, large horned dinosaurs in North America has experienced a boom in evolution.

Co-author of the study, Dr. David Evans of the Royal Ontario Museum, said horn shape will said dinosaurs mature enough and find a mate or not.

Finding fossils of dinosaurs with horns is a collaborative effort lasted more than 50 years of Dinosaur Project Southern Alberta. The project aims to explore the Stone Age 80 million years ago and how the appearance of dinosaurs.