Google compensated 5 billions for 'gangster'

Monday, November 5, 2012

Google compensated 5 billions for 'gangster'

The jury in Australia has forced Google responsible for damages after a complaint that their search results branded gangsters for a local man. The amount of compensation is 250 thousand USD.

Mr. Milorad Trkulja alleged that the result image and the site of the American company has caused great damage to its reputation. 62-year-old man also said the site has removed the information as required. He had previously won a lawsuit related to Yahoo.

Mr Trkulja went to Australia in the early '70s after leaving Yugoslavia. Then he became famous in the migrant community and owner of a TV program in the 90s.

In 2004, he was a hooded man shot in the back at a restaurant. Police found no crime, but they said that the attack is not related to the underworld in Melbourne.


After the attack he Trkulja said entering his name into Google, get another image appeared under his name. He said the character is accused of murder and drug trafficking. In addition, under the photos with captions "Melbourne Crime", which makes the search for information that he is a criminal.

Mr. Trkulja complained that the name on the search results is from "Michael Trkulja - Melbourne Crime - Underworld - Black Society", below appears saying "The music producer Michael Trkulja be a Anonymous man shot in the back at a restaurant in June 2004 "

He said that the results had hinted that he was involved in a crime and hire enemy harm. He added a couple who refused to sit at his table in a wedding, and some people avoided him he was in a public place.

In 2009, Trkulja lawyers have contacted Google asking modify search results and then filed a lawsuit.

Google argued that their results are based on automated software process and they are not given that information.

The jury in the Supreme Court of Victoria has agreed that this is a reasonable argument, but only stop at Google received a complaint about the results of image and content has been removed at the time point.
However, the jury said that Google is not responsible for search results because he completed Trkulja lack website address in the complaint.

Mr. Trkulja then said to reporters that he found himself unjustly. "I have lived in Australia for 41 years, this case is not about money but to protect my family, my children and my reputation."
He Trkulja previously won a lawsuit against Yahoo after Yahoo7 content related to a criminal libel on the site of Melbourne.

Yahoo's lawyers acknowledge that this content was published and compensation for more than 241,000 Australian dollars (250,000 U.S. dollars) \

Google is also facing a lawsuit with Bettina Wulff, wife of former German President, the complaint said that while typing her name, the system will automatically search for results with the word "prostitute" and "red light district".