Board dirty, tarnish the American presidential election

Monday, November 5, 2012

Board dirty, tarnish the American presidential election

The ads float rumors, voter registration card thrown in the trash and false claims ... dirty games to smear the U.S. presidential election seem to never end.

US election dirty?

As the race for the White House close to last culminated with the vote took place on 11/6, experts warned that the typical activities to prevent supporters opponents to vote or shake the decision of the voters will be accelerated in order to change the results.

"If the race is too tight, dirty games can influence", Kathleen Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania said.

Some moves can help you produce results contrary to expectations, Mr Jamieson said and talk about a DVD was sent to voters in key states (those states not in favor of any candidate) , which said they had found nude photos of President Barack Obama's mother in a magazine.

"The problem is when the dirt is released, you will need a hard-line supporters do not believe in it," Jamieson said.

False statement may also affect the trust of voters with a candidate.

Recently, the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are both Democrats and the head of General Motors and Chrysler criticized for misleading reports that after President Research, the two firms move of the United States to China.

Obama's campaign also allegedly lied not shy mouth, claiming that Romney plans to proclaim abortion is illegal even if the Republican presidential candidate made it clear that it except rape, a threat to the mother's health.

However, the majority of the game libelous, most of them illegal, are carried out by third parties. Dirty games list was clarified very long.

Voters in the key battleground states such as Florida and Virginia each received fraudulent calls, saying they could vote by phone. In addition, the FBI is investigating letters sent to the voters in Florida - mostly Republican lie that election officials are questioning their citizenship.

Republican National Committee also dismissed a voter registration agency, which is accused of fraud after the news that the company submitted false voting patterns in Florida, Colorado and Nevada.

Another contractor Republican Colin Small last month also was sacked after being caught throw applications vote of the Democrats in Virginia in the trash.

Son of Virginia Senator Jim Moran, a Democrat, had to resign after being caught voting instructions under others.

While throwing voter registration cards in the trash is a serious problem, many other dirty games not have much influence on the election results, election expert Rick Hasen of the University of California. "These things have the potential to cause significant impact that changes in the law, especially those laws passed by Republican lawmakers, it is likely to affect the number of votes that Democrats received as do for the voter registration process becomes more difficult, reduce the time early voting "