America before the "judgment"

Monday, November 5, 2012

America before the "judgment"

This is the time of "judgment" for the candidates in the race for the White House. Now is the time they give the final statement of the final meetings to persuade hesitant voters and gain advantage.

President Barack Obama (left) and candidate Romney - Photo: CI
President Barack Obama (left) and candidate Romney - Photo: CI

With President Barack Obama, on 11/3 (in U.S. hours) he flew to the four states of Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Virginia, the state of "war", where voters are hesitant unknown vote for any candidate. Romney rivals also rushed to the state of New Hampshire, Iowa and Colorado. And they were suddenly confronted each other in the city of Dubuque, eastern Iowa.

11/3 morning, reporters were present at the Dubuque Youth. In a small town about 58,000 people, Mr. Romney has posted above at the airport at noon. At 17h30, Mr Obama appeared at Washington Park in the city center.

Urged to vote

At12h, about 2,000 Republican voters were present at the airport. 9g, they flocked to this queue in the hangar, where the meetings, despite the cold weather. After that, Mr. Romney appear dramatic. The plane carrying the couple he slowly building epic music and resounding cheers of the voters.

Speaking before a crowd of enthusiastic, Mr. Romney very confident. He introduced his wife as "the future first lady of the United States" and insisted: "When (not if) won the election, I will ...". He accused President Obama made the commitment during the campaign, raise taxes on the middle class, spending too hand made mounting U.S. debt, creating divisions between Democrats and Republicans.

"When the White House, I will create real change from the first day. I will work with Democratic leaders to break the deadlock in parliament - Mr. Romney confirmed - I will create jobs for the people. " He also pledged tax cuts for all Americans, to cancel Obama's health care reform law ... There is a strange thing is that Mr. Romney used many slogans that Obama used in the 2008 election as "change", "believe", "hope" ...

In the "battlefield" Dubuque, Democrats proved equally enthusiastic. As of the afternoon, the sky as cold, but the 5000 Democratic voters still waiting patiently in Washington Park from 14g-1730 to meet Obama. Tired of the election date is evident on his face Obama. But the crowd, he still proved very strong emphasis on the achievements they have achieved in the last four years: ending the war in Iraq, health care system reform in favor of the poor, expanding student loan program ...

Mr. Obama did not forget the Christmas single "knock-out" the final allegation rival Romney as "the two sides". He reminded voters that Mr. Romney health law ever passed identical current U.S. health care law when he was governor of Massachusetts, but for political purposes should turn tone "flip parasols". "After four years, you already know who I am. You may not agree with some of the decisions I make or the speed of change, but you know I'm always honest, "Obama said.

Confusing picture

A day before the U.S. election 11/6, the survey also reflected the tense rival between the two candidates. Survey of the Washington Post and ABC News shows the percentage supporting two candidates are equal: 48% -48%. Reuters survey and IPSOS organizations also almost similar results: Obama 47%, Romney 46%.

However, Obama has the advantage of in eight states "battlefield" which decided the election results. A survey by Reuters / IPSOS and the Washington Post / ABC News, Mr. Obama leads Mr. Romney in Ohio, which has 18 electoral votes. In Florida, where there are 29 electoral votes, the gloves are very drastic. But Obama remarkable Mr. Romney in the state of Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire ... Therefore, Obama's chances of winning are still marginally better.

Due to the close race and the survey also not exactly certain, the American media forecasting ability of the votes of two candidates in a number of states will win very little difference, leading to control votes or the Supreme Court have ruled one victory as in the case of George Bush / Al Gore in 2000. Not to mention there are other problems. For example, the registered voters vote early but decided to vote on 6-11, they will have additional vote in a sealed envelope until proven that they have not voted early.

If Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney have an equal number of electoral votes?

By law, election day 11/6, candidate wins more than half the minimum 270 electoral votes to win the election.

However, the program director of election law at Ohio State University Edward Foley said rare but not ruled on 11/6, two Republican and Democratic candidates have received electoral votes equal: 269-269.

This rare situation occurred at least once in 1837. If this situation occurs, the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides: U.S. House of Representatives will vote on the president and the U.S. Senate will vote on the vice president.

If this scenario repeated in 2012, it is very difficult to handle because of the U.S. House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans in the Senate to the Democratic Party holds the majority.

Sick dread regulations will lead to a situation likely to be president Mr. Romney of the Republican Party and might be his vice president Joe Biden, the current vice-president and the Democratic Party. The Romney-Biden administration is likely to be the peak complex nature of U.S. election law.