Windows Store has more than 9000 softwares, 88% is free

Monday, October 29, 2012

Windows Store has more than 9000 softwares, 88% is free

With new UI interface of Windows 8, many people who worry that if they buy the tablet running Windows 8 RT (eg Surface) will not have a lot of software to use. However, according to a recent survey of page said the Windows Application Store now has 9029 different softwares can run on Win 8 RT, and 88% of them are freeware . 

Known for two days before Windows 8 is officially launched, there are around 500 new softwares added to the Windows Store every day (although not many high quality). As we all know, Windows 8 can run old software Windows 7 so we do not need to worry too much about this version. Meanwhile RT Win 8 only run softwares which were written specifically for it only, and the number of the existing 9029 softwares on Windows Store is what can be run on the RT version, not the part old software for the desktop. 

If compared to other mobile operating systems, we can mention as iOS has over 700,000 applications (250,000 specifically designed for the iPad), Android has over 550,000 apps and more than 20,000 new applications which are complementary supplement each day. 

According to BusinessInsider, WinAppUpdate