Hot's today: Buy Windows 8 with $40

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hot's today: Buy Windows 8 with $40

Buy Windows 8 with $40

Microsoft said that starting from today, 26/10, complete operating system Windows 8 will be officially sold as an upgrade for computers that are running Windows 7 license. The price for this upgrade is $ 40 (Windows 8 Pro) and it will be available in over 140 different markets with 37 languages. You can purchase an upgrade Windows 8 here.

Or you can click here to buy a computer with pre-installed Windows 8.

You can also buy Windows 8 in a retail store authorized by Windows. Win 8 will includes two editions is Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro (in addition to the Enterprise Edition for large enterprises). In addition, we also can buy Win 8 from the world's major retail stores such as Amazon or Best Buy ...

Microsoft said it was working with the hardware manufacturing partners to when Windows 8 launches, more than 1000 computers and tablets (including Surface) standard to run Win 8 and Win 8 RT to provide give users a wealth of options.
In short, from now until the end of month 01/2013, if you are using Win 7 license, you can upgrade to Win 8 Pro for about $40. If you buy new Win 7 computer in the period from 02/06/2012 to 31/01/2013, you can purchase the upgrade with the cheaper price is $15 .

Buy Windows 8 Pro with only $68.88