Latest Hurricane Sandy’s Satellite Photos and Videos

Monday, October 29, 2012

Latest Hurricane Sandy’s Satellite Photos and Videos

Hurricane Sandy is a Category 1 hurricane on Oct. 28, according to the National Hurricane Center. Sandy has drawn energy from a cold front to become a huge storm covering a large area of the eastern United States. NASA satellite imagery provided a look at Sandy's 2,000-mile extent.

Hurricane Sandy

NOAA's GOES-13 satellite captured this visible image of the massive Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 28 at 1302 UTC (9:02 a.m. EDT). The line of clouds from the Gulf of Mexico north are associated with the cold front that Sandy is merging with. Sandy's western cloud edge is already over the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States. (Credit: NASA GOES Project)

According to NASA, Hurricane Sandy's reach has grown on satellite imagery, and during the morning of Oct. 28, the storm intensified as there was a large pressure drop. The atmospheric pressure dropped to 951 millibars during the morning of Oct. 28, an eyewall formed. When a storm's atmospheric pressure drops by a large amount as Sandy has done, it's a sign the storm is strengthening tremendously. 

Sandy continues to merge with a cold front. The combination is expected to bring heavy rainfall and tropical-storm-force sustained winds for a couple of days to the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States, and cause flooding, downed trees and power outages. 

The National Hurricane Center warned early on Sunday, Oct. 28, that "Sandy expected to bring life-threatening storm surge flooding to the Mid-Atlantic coast including Long Island sound and New York Harbor, winds expected to be near hurricane force at landfall." Storm surge in the Long Island sound is expected between 6 and 11 feet.

If you want to watch the Hurricane Sandy's lastest activities, here are five live-streaming webcams you can use to watch the storm roll in:

The New York City Harbor Cam - Poised on the torch balcony of the Statue of Liberty, this cam provides HD video (and sound) of the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor.

The Brooklyn Bridge Cam - This HD streaming cam provides live footage of—what else—an aerial view of the Brooklyn Bridge, which spans the East River.

The Atlantic City NJ Cam - This one seems to be under a bit of a heavy load, but when it comes through, it provides a great, up-close view of the surf on the beach at Atlantic City.

The Wildwood NJ Cam - This webcam shows a view of the Wildwoods sign on the Jersey Shore. This one is a bit choppier than the others, but still has a good vantage point.

And lastly, here is a livestream from the Atlantic City Club Casino, New Jersey, with a nice view of the ever-more-tubulent surf. Be glad you're behind you're computer, and not in front of these cameras.