The new usage of 300x600 ad format Adsense Updates

Monday, December 17, 2012

The new usage of 300x600 ad format Adsense Updates

Today, I have just received an email of Google Adsense + Page. They say to new ad unit size 300x600. Up to now, this is the largest size of Adsense. When Google launchs this ad format, the publishers can replace their ad. But, they only use one ad unit with 300x600 Adsense ad format because of large size of it. Here are some information around updatings which was posted on GoogleLand.

Google Adsense 300x600 ad unit

"Since our recent introduction of the new 300x600 ad format, we’ve been happy to see many publishers testing it out on their pages. After carefully reviewing this ad format, we’d like to let you know about an upcoming update to our policies around use of the 300x600 unit.

Because this new format is larger than all our other ad units, we want to help ensure a balance between content and ads across publisher sites. With this in mind, going forward, publishers will be permitted to place a maximum of one 300x600 ad unit on each page. If you’ve placed more than one 300x600 ad unit per page on your site, we ask that you remove any additional ad units by Jan 10, 2013. We’ll also be sending email notifications shortly to affected publishers, asking them to make this update.

Please note that the limit for AdSense for content ad units still remains at three per page, so it’ll be possible to place one 300x600 ad unit and up to two other sizes on a page. As always, it’s important to consider both the user and advertiser experiences when placing any additional ad units on your pages.
We appreciate your understanding and help as we make this update. Thanks again for all of your feedback and enthusiasm for this new ad format; we’re continuing to work on developing new sizes, and will keep you posted on any new developments. If you’d like more information about AdSense policies, please visit our Help Center

Posted by Charles Huang, Policy Associate"
Google Adsense 300x600 Ad Unit Sample

What do you talk about this new size of Adsense Ad format? 

How to Add 300x600 Ad Unit on Your Site?

It's has no skills here. Very simple as you add the normal ad unit before. You can do as step by step like below:

Step 1: Login to your AdSense account.

Step 2: Now go to My Ads tab.

How to Add 300x600 Ad Unit?

Step 3: Click on New Ad Unit

How to Add 300x600 Ad Unit?

Step 3: Choose 300x600 - Large Skyscraper

How to Add 300x600 Ad Unit?

Step 4: Save and Get Code.

Step 5: Now Implement that code on your Website/Blog.

How to Implement 300x600 Ad Unit on Blogger Blog

As I said, this is so simple as another ads you add before:

Step 1: First Get your Goofle AdSense code which you created already above (300x600)

Step 2: Then, from your Blogger Dashboard > Go to Layout > Add Gadget

Step 3: Choose HTML/Javascript and Paste the Ad unit code inside it.

How to Add 300x600 Ad Unit?

Step 4: Save Widget.

So, now you can run this ad on your blog as another ads. Hope this can helping you increasing revenue. But, as I said above, you only add 3 rich mediaads and 3 link units, 2 Search form units, including this new size. Remeber, you only add ONE ad unit with size 300x600.