7 Tips to Increase Your Click Rate on enzineArticles.com?

Monday, December 17, 2012

7 Tips to Increase Your Click Rate on enzineArticles.com?

What gets the click?
increase click rate on enzinearticles tips
Yesterday, we discussed analyzing your articles’ traffic and activity metrics, which briefly touched on your Total Click Rate. This is the total ratio of URL clicks to article views in a given amount of time and it’s a key indicator of your connection with your audience as well as your ability to drive traffic to your website or blog.
There are tons of factors that affect your click rate, but one of the most critical (if not THE most critical) factors is your ability to project a meaningful message that resonates with your readers.
Have you ever heard the phrase “tell, not sell”?
No one likes to be sold to, nor are they inclined to share or read a piece that doesn’t serve their purposes. No matter the quality of the writing, readers want to feel like they have gained knowledge, skills, or confidence. “Tell” readers what they want and need to know to satisfy their need to grow more confidently and trust in your credibility.

With confidence in mind, use these 7 tips to increase your total click rate:

1. Internet readers want information as quickly as possible and they like articles served with brevity. Target article length between 400-700 words.
2. Good grammar and spelling are critical. One blunder and your readers will either be so focused on your error, nothing will induce a click or they’ll be gone faster than you can say “click here.”
3. Upload your author photo! Readers can confidently trust someone they can visualize behind the article and your author photo creates that visual connection.
4. Supply one call-to-action that benefits the reader and prompts the reader to act. Use clear, descriptive, and active language in the reader’s terms relevant to the links you’re providing.
5. Provide two highly relevant, self-serving links (one URL-based link and one text-based link) for increased transparency and relevance reassurance.
6. Forget cheap tricks and tactics to get the click. Always use specific and descriptive anchor text that’s relevant to the linked URL’s page and interesting to readers.
7. Natural and contextual variation is essential. Don’t repeat the same keyword text over and over again, either within the same article or across multiple articles.
Bonus: Approach your Resource Box like a short biography to reinforce yourself as a credible source. Write a brief description of the following in the third person: your name, your current title, relevant credentials (for that “awe” factor), and then provide your succinct call-to-action.
For example:
    [Insert your name] is a [insert your occupation title] with [insert time amount in your occupation, e.g. over 20 years] of professional experience. [Insert your first name]‘s methods [testimony or praise awarded to you and your services]. Find out more about how to [relevant keyword topic] with [insert benefit] at [insert hyperlinked website name] or [insert hyperlinked URL].
Approach is everything in gaining reader confidence and trust. There are dozens of techniques to increase your click rate! Which of the above techniques stand out to you? Are there any that you felt should have made it to this list? Do you think your click rate matters? If you have questions, comments, or just want to say hello, I’d like to hear from you.

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