Tablet is ambitious production since 2002's Bill Gates.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tablet is ambitious production since 2002's Bill Gates.

Tablet is ambitious production since 2002's Bill Gates.

Microsoft co-founder spends most of his time to charity work but still more interested in the Surface table computer and confirm that this is the product "Doubly integrity".

Join the Charlie Rose of PBS (USA) this week, Gates said they decided to join the tablet market is to promote the popularity of the operating system Windows 8. He said the tablet will eventually replace the traditional PC and in the transitional period, there will be many opportunities for both Surface and products of other hardware partners.

"You have to maintain an ecosystem of device manufacturers and you just have a few products stand out to attract attention. Also the user will have everything they want and everything they want on a tablet PC. All within a product. It will change the way people think about computers, "Gates explained.

He said it was very eagerly awaiting the Surface was released for people to experience the device because "it's the only way you understand what we are trying to express." Surface has a nice design and operating system Windows 8 look attractive, but not everyone can have the opportunity to try to fully assess its potential.

Bill Gates said he was proud of Windows 8 OS and tablet Surface, however American billionaire not intend to return to run the company because much remains to be done in the areas of education, health care and energy.

Bill Gates in conversation about Tablet with Charlie Rose.

                                      Bill Gates in conversation with Charlie Rose.

When asked about the comments of author Malcolm Gladwell (that history will remember the co-founder of Microsoft for what you do with humanity while our children will forget Steve Jobs who), Gates replied: " I think the world's best companies are built by people with a passion and when you are between the ages of 20-30, passion and very easy, at least it has come to me naturally. I do not think anyone pursuing something just so they will be sure to like. phenomenal Steve Jobs always when I work with him and even if Microsoft to compete with him. What he did deserve to be remembered. "

Gates added that he and co-founder Paul Allen company previously did not think their software is one of the largest companies and the world's highest profit.