President Obama and the most liked photo

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

President Obama and the most liked photo

The photo re-elected president of the United States hugged his wife with the words "Four more years" only takes less than one day to becomes content "Like" most on Facebook. The work was taken by a female photographer.

"Four more years" has become the most liked photo on Twitter and Facebook

Photo of Obama hugging his wife was 'liked' the most on the Internet. This photo breaked record photo on Facebook on Twitter.

Before the curiosity of many people about the birth of photos, tech site Gizmodo spoke with author and photographer Scout Tufankjian.

- Can you tell a little about yourself?

- I pursue a career in photography for 13 years, starting in Northern Ireland (when I was 18, I wanted to go somewhere to speak English but cheaper cost of living in London). Since then, I have recorded many international events such as the Egyptian revolution in 2011 or the earthquake in Haiti ...

- How long have you photographed for Barack Obama?

- In 2006, I was asked to come to New Hampshire (USA) record of his book signings senator from Illinois and decided to spend the next 2.5 years to cover the presidential campaign of his . I became the only photographer to pursue from the beginning to the end of Obama's presidential campaign in 2008. When things ended, I published the book Yes We Can: Barack Obama's History-Making Presidential Campaign (We can change: The historic election of Barack Obama). Then I went back to work reflect international events.

I started taking pictures of Obama's new campaign in August / 2012. I think they still remember what I did in 2008 should call me when the race enters the sprint stage. There are two photographers that I and Christopher Dilts.

- How's the borning of "4 more years" photo?

- Photo was taken in Dubuque, Iowa (USA) on 15/8. Iowa is always a place of special significance to Obama by the family here, he won victories over Senator Hillary Clinton to become the representative of the Democratic Party to run for president in 2008. Earlier, Obama and first lady were away from each other for a few days. I also recently married, so I feel their relationship, so I tried to record images of them as a married couple than those of the public.

- Did you took many pictures at the moment? Why did you choose this photo?

- I only take about 1-2 frames in that moment. I absolutely do not think it would become so popular. The popularity is not due to the composition of your photo that is how people feel about the Obamas.

- When shooting, you can guess the photos will be used in this way a few months later?

- Absolutely not. I'm really stunned. I send e-mail me as soon as the record-breaking photo on Twitter. I trembled and thrilled that they chose it.

- What do you use the camera and lens to capture?

- I'm shooting with a Nikon D3 and a lens focal length of 85 mm 1.4. I usually use a focal length tubes (tubes 80-200, but I hardly ever use). The rest of my kit is D700, tube 28 F1.8, 28 f2.8, 35 f2 and 50 F1.4. I would also like Nikon's D800 with clicks smoothly so as not to affect private moments.

- Can you share some
secret tips about your photography?

- My advice is do not plan ahead too closely. If you make a list of things that need shooting, you might miss something great. Robert Capa once said the most important thing when shooting the press is to love people and show them that you love them. If you really care about people, the job will become much easier.

President Obama's moment in a pub

                                             A moment of Barack Obama in a pub.

Besides, can not ignore the luck. As pictures Obama in pubs, I just appear at the right time and appropriate camera lens is attached, it does not always happen.

President Obama and the most liked photo

The boy in the background in the photo of Obama suddenly become the protagonist because of his lovely.
And sometimes, it's a shame, I did not even realize what was going on until a much later time, such pictures boy kissing you (posted on Gawker cover). Perhaps I should have said I see what is happening, but no, I absolutely do not know.