Online Marketing scams: China lost $46 Billions

Monday, November 26, 2012

Online Marketing scams: China lost $46 Billions

According to China's Peopledaily Newspapers, 60 millions Internet users who joined the online marketing in this country has become a victim of online phishing scam, with a total loss as of 6-2012 up to 46 billion dollars.

Online Marketing

According to reports and statistics on e-commerce in the world's most populous online market, one of the common phishing tricks in 2012 is to use the method of phishing attacks (see: Taobao Network:buy HDD but gut the USB drive), which is aimed at the business e-commerce and banking sites in China.

Most of these types of attacks have taken as the target page. According to reports from the International Association of Anti-phishing, in the second half of 2011, Taobao has overtaken Paypal to become an online commerce site most phishing attacks, with a total of 18,508 cases, or 22% of all phishing attacks worldwide.

According to the Peopledaily Newspapers, the concern is the rapid increase of online scams happening right on the stage of many domestic and foreign enterprises, including many luxury brands, is preparing set up online store in the Chinese market.

So, the Internet users must more carefull when joining the online marketing programs. Marketers should research clearly about companies which they wanna work together.