No Samsung: There's no iPhone 5?

Monday, November 26, 2012

No Samsung: There's no iPhone 5?

No Samsung, that's no iPhone products as iPhone 5 or iPad nowsaday, the CEO of Samsung, JK Shin said.

Galaxy vs iPhone 5

Recently, the Korean electronics company Samsung has confirmed that they will not negotiate or share copyrighted as HTC did with Apple.

According to the Korea Times, JK Shin said: "If you do not have Samsung's wireless patents, Apple will be hard to produce their devices because Samsung is very strong at these technology".

That's Samsung's response when the U.S. ITC International Trading Commission has decided that Apple did not violate four patents related to wireless technology of Samsung products. Currently, trial issues of Apple products and Samsung will be taking place next year.

Samsung CEO JK Shin also revealed that Samsung will launch Galaxy S IV with a 5-inch OLED screen pixel density of 441 ppi at the CES event in next year.

According to Foxconn, the iPhone 5 is the most complex devices which they've ever assembled.

 iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Note
iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note: Looking seem the same?

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