After typhoon Sandy, Obama and Romney continue to race

Friday, November 2, 2012

After typhoon Sandy, Obama and Romney continue to race

U.S. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney back to the sprint race to get the final votes when only 5 days left until voting time.

Obama waving to supporters in Los Angeles, Nevada. Photo: AFP

Last week, Obama and Romney had the "Armistice" rare to incumbent president spent time directing deal with super storms Sandy hit the eastern United States, killing many people. When the storm passed and the restoration work after storm gradually stabilized, the two presidential candidates return to the final round of the election campaign.

Obama campaigned heavily in four state after falling important state New Jersey was destroyed by the storm. Speaking to the crowd in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Obama praised the people have come together in the storm and urged voters gave him another four years in office.

"After the disaster, we have seen the best of America. All these differences seem to melt away. Neither Democrats nor Republicans in the storm, but only those of you closely together, "AFP quoted Obama as saying.

President Obama is the main ally of the opponents praised in directing deal with how. After Wisconsin, incumbent president flew to the western state of Nevada and then Colorado, prior to the critical state is Ohio.

Obama mentioned the difficulties awaiting the White House when the president changes. "At the time of the final weeks before the election, Governor Romney has shown all his talents as a businessman and giving the old policy, wrong for the United States for example, the award of more power to the banks and cut health insurance of millions of people, "Obama said.

Meanwhile, the Republican candidate Romney trying hard not to be forgotten after all the attention put on President Obama in the storm. Mr. Romney had three people stop in Virginia, the state with the weak economy makes the economic strength of his promotion.

"I know Obama supporters are chanting 'four more years.' As our slogan is 'adding five more days'," Romney told his supporters in Roanoke, Virginia.

The campaign team of the former Massachusetts governor is confident that he can spend at least a few more points, even in the traditionally supportive of Democrats, for example, believe that he will attract more votes election in Pennsylvania in on 4/11, just 48 hours before election day.