After Microsoft Surface will be Xbox Surface 7-inch?

Monday, November 12, 2012

After Microsoft Surface will be Xbox Surface 7-inch?

After launching Surface 10.6-inch tablet, much information shows that Microsoft will continue into the tablet market with a 7-inch version of Xbox Surface dedicated gamers.

Xbox Surface 7-inch

According to The Verge, Microsoft has launched the tablet preparation Xbox Surface of a 7-inch tablet segment. The new device will target gamers, service demand entertainment on the tablet processor and Windows operating systems are designed separately.

Tablet Xbox Surface will have RAM bandwidth, high-end graphics chip ARM processor-based to service the big game.

This is an interesting information besides predicted line gaming (console) Xbox 720 will run on separate Windows platform, released the following year. Analysts said that the predictions are very reasonable. Microsoft will rely on brand entertainment products with a long 11 years together with great success to build the new product, Xbox Surface will be a representative.

In October, Microsoft introduced the Xbox SmartGlass applications, connected smartphones and tablets to game consoles Xbox 360, in which mobile devices can become remote controller for Xbox.

Other information posted on the Wall Street Journal in November that Microsoft is working with the providers of mobile device components to test the Microsoft smartphone design. This is a shock to the tech world. This is not strange for Google as the company has had a long collaboration with the likes of Samsung, Asus ... to launch the Nexus branded smartphone and tablet products.

Anonymous source of The Wall Street Journal said Microsoft smartphones due to the size between 4-5 inches, compared to the Apple iPhone 5 is 4 inches and Samsung Galaxy S3 4.8 inches. However, sales of smartphones using the Windows Phone operating system on the market very little should Microsoft just give smartphone manufactured by ourselves in the "test plan".

Experience severe blood from the failure of Microsoft Kin smartphones (Sharp producer) is still there. Quick launch and quickly faded in 2010.

Microsoft did not give any comment on the report. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declined and said information is still "happy" with Nokia, Samsung and HTC (the three main partners of Microsoft in the mobile device market).