7 parameters that Apple have to worry

Saturday, November 10, 2012

7 parameters that Apple have to worry

Recently Apple constantly faced with some fun statistics related to market share, sales as well as the fall in the level of loyalty of iPhone users ... And here are seven parameters would make Apple really worried about its impact on the smart device market in the world at the present time as well as in the future.

Apple status

1. Apple do not have any new brand products since 2010

The last time Apple introduced a product with a brand new (not an update of the previous products have) and consumer market tanked in 2010 - iPad tablet. All still expect the company will introduce the iTV product but still not currently have any information about it.

2. iPhone no longer leads the world in smartphone sales

According to the latest statistics from market analyst Strategy Analytics, Samsung Galaxy S3 has replaced the iPhone 4S for the first time to become the world's best-selling smartphone in Q3/2012. Accordingly, the end of the third quarter, the Korean electronics company has sold a total of 18 million S3, while figures for the iPhone 4S is 16.2 million. However, according to analysts, the leading position of the Galaxy S3 will not last long by strong growth in sales of the iPhone 5 (which sold 6 million units in Q3/2012), smartphone highest of Applese soon regained the top spot at the end of Q4/2012

Known at the time of Q2 and part of Q3 2012, users were no longer focused on the iPhone 4S waiting for the iPhone 5, and a switch to buy the iPhone 5 when it launches, not to buy the iPhone 4S. So iPhone 4S sales decline is predicted.

3. IPad's market share decreased

In quarter 3/2012, Apple's market share in the tablet market has fallen from 65.5% to 50%. And gender analysts warned momentum could decline will continue in the future.

4. IPhone user loyalty reduce

Product for the first time since the iPhone launched in 2007, the number of people using iPhone statement would definitely buy Apple's next phone drop. This is the result of a new research Strategy Analytics (SA) performance, including 88% of U.S. iPhone users said they would buy the next iPhone when it was released. This figure is lower than the 93% of last year, the survey by the SA. Not only in the U.S., studies done in Western Europe, with results at 75%, down 13% compared to 88% in 2011. However only on Apple remains at a safe level because according to a survey last month 8/2012 from Baron magazine said about 48% of Android users plan to continue to buy a new Android phone. Meanwhile, similar numbers for BlackBerry just 2%.

5. The price difference between the iPad mini and some competitor

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google is releasing a 7-inch tablet priced from $ 199. Meanwhile the lowest price of iPad Mini up to 329 USD; according to some analysts, the price is quite consistent and commensurate with the level of investment by Apple for this product. But the user's perspective iPad mini may differ and the price difference between the iPad mini with some competitors left them wondering in shopping?

6. Apple's position in the Chinese smartphone market

According to statistics from IDG, in quarter 3/2012 Apple has dropped out of the list of the top 5 smartphone vendors in China. It is known that the competition from the opponents nhuSamsung, Lenovo has pushed Apple to No. 6 and they now account for 8% of the smartphone market share in China.

Why important position in China with Apple? According to IDC research, the majority of China's population is very interested in learning new technologies and products is expected to end in 2012, the demand for smartphone purchases in the country will overtake the U.S..

7. Apple's stock status

In the trading session on 7/11, Apple's stock price fell more than 4% and was at 556 dollars / share, the lowest level in about 5 months. It is possible the iPad market share plummeted information together with the fired Scott Forstall, Apple senior vice president in charge of iOS has caused the trust of the shareholders shaken.