6 interesting facts about the space shuttle Endeavour that you do not know

Saturday, November 10, 2012

6 interesting facts about the space shuttle Endeavour that you do not know

NASA spacecraft Endeavour completed its final mission in 2011 and is currently on display at the Museum of the California Science Center (Los Angeles, USA). During 19 years of operation, the total distance that the Endeavour moves up to 198 million km and it orbits the Earth more than 4,600 times. Here are some other interesting information related to the spacecraft.


Youngest in NASA's space fleet

Endeavour is the youngest member of the shuttle fleet is retired from NASA. Endeavour is made for the purpose replacement for the Space Shuttle Challenger - The ship exploded in the accident occurs in 1/1986, and claimed the lives of seven crew.

The name by children

The only shuttle Endeavour is named based on the reference comments from students. In 1988, NASA held a national competition to find the best name for the new shuttle, participants are elementary students, high school. And opinions shuttle named according to the name of a research project or the name of an ocean exploration ship received special attention.

May / 1989, U.S. President George HW Bush officially announced the new name of the space shuttle Endeavour (named after HMS Endeavour - the ship explored the South Pacific in the 18th century was driven by Captain James Cook (UK)).

The ship was completed from scrap

NASA took advantage of scraps and leftover parts in the manufacturing process space shuttle Discovery, Atlantis to produce some parts of Endeavour. As a result, the total cost of manufacturing Endeavour is about U.S. $ 1.7 billion. To save, Endeavour became the first shuttle to use even slow down for landing. In addition, most of the ship's electronic systems are also made from the individual parts.

The task of repairing the Hubble Space Telescope

Only a short time after officially put into operation (4/1990), the images sent back from the Hubble Space Telescope show signs of fading. And in 1993, bearing the number of flights assigned Endeavour's STS-61 mission in space to fix on. Specifically, the members of the crew have moved to replace optical and other equipment of Hubble. This is also the mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope first time in history

Building the International Space Station (ISS)

The birth of the International Space Station (ISS) associated with the flight number of the STS-88 Endeavour (12/1998). STS-88 mission brought the first transport component of the United States to the ISS - Unity connection compartment. It is used to connect the module to work, live and crew also conducted in connection with the Russian Zarya module (now operating in orbit).

In the last mission same bearing number STS-134, Endeavour again great contribution to the development of the International Space Station (ISS) during transport to the spectrum measured from Alpha (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-AMS, worth 1 U.S. $ 5 billion) - a sophisticated detection devices will help scientists study the formation of the universe. This device will find very difficult to detect evidence of antimatter by searching for anti-carbon molecules, and anti-helium among all droplets can be seen.

The first African female astronaut in space

The second flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-47, 1992) marked a new milestone as the first female African-American astronaut (Mae Jemison) and a cosmonaut Japanese ( Mamoru Mohri) into space. The airline also recorded the first couple together to make a space mission (Mark Lee and Jan Davis).