Super typhoon Sandy into the eastern United States: 60 million people could be affected

Monday, October 29, 2012

Super typhoon Sandy into the eastern United States: 60 million people could be affected

After sweeping many Caribbean countries, on October 28th, tropical storm Sandy has strengthened into a super typhoon, landed in the eastern United States. According to the National Weather Center USA, Sandy storm with winds of 120 km/h is strong and likely to become the most powerful storm to attack the United States in the past 100 years.

Sandbags to prevent floodwaters in the District of Columbia, Washington.

1/3 of the territory and 60 million violent

Currently the federal government along the U.S. East Coast, including Virginia, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania declared a state of emergency in the context Sandy coming storm landfall is expected to cause heavy winds, floods and even makes snowfall in nearly all areas of the U.S. East Coast in the coming weeks.

In New York City alone, the authorities are considering the closure of the bus service, subway, bridges, tunnels ... prevent storm scan. Louis Uccellini, head of the National Weather Center has said: "We are evaluating the impact of the storm to 1/3 of the territory of the United States and affects more than 60 million people in South East. Forecast, Sandy storm will hit the eastern United States on the night of 29-10. Storms can sweep through an area stretching from Carolina to New England ...

Local officials have asked people to store water, canned food and flashlights. Thousands of people in the area began warning evacuated. The time of the storm falls on Halloween should the forecasters have created a new from "Frankenstorm", a combination of "Frankenstein", the name of the demon in several films and ghost stories and "storm" means a storm.

In the meantime, the countries of the Caribbean, especially Cuba and Haiti, where Sandy storm has swept through has caused great losses of life and property, are quickly overcome the consequences. Storms have killed at least 59 people after scanning through this area. As notified by the Government of Cuba, the storm Sandy has serious influence in the province of Santiago de Cuba and killed 11 people, and destroyed much of the infrastructure. In Santiago, the most severe local damage, about 4,300 houses were completely destroyed and more than 44,000 other houses unroofed or damaged.

The presidential candidates stopped campaigning

Sandy storm was no small impact on the election campaign chairs the White House in the context of only 10 more days will be held U.S. presidential election 2012. 28-10, the White House announced Democratic candidates - incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama has canceled a number of election campaigning on May 29-10. U.S. President Barack Obama also had a meeting with the relevant departments of preventive plans, and directives related to the states to prepare a full range of resources to help states and cities in areas affected by the storm.

Candidate Mitt Romney's Republican Party has canceled a planned marches conducted in the state of Virginia in the evening 28-10. Similarly, Vice President Joe Biden has canceled a trip to the local day. Observers said that the storm Sandy could no small impact on the election campaign because people who care for better weather the storm will get more votes.

28-10, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurred in waters off Canada at 10 am (VN) has rocked the Queen Charlotte Islands of Canada and has created a tidal wave direction towards the U.S. state of Hawaii. According to the Center for the Pacific Tsunami Warning (PTWC), the first waves of the tsunami has struck the coastal areas of Hawaii at nearly 16 hours (in hours), 15 minutes later than expected.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie declared a state of emergency in the state, and quick to evacuate coastal residents to higher positions, focusing on high-rise buildings located inland.