Apple: The company which producing Windows computers "afraid" to remove the old technology

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Apple: The company which producing Windows computers "afraid" to remove the old technology

Apple usually improve your computer towards eliminating the technology that the company is out of date and not many people use. For example, Apple has replaced the HDD with an SSD drive for a number of high-end MacBook Pro line, remove the optical drive on the iMac, the laptop screen Retina and the MacBook Air. 

In 1998, Apple has also stopped integrated floppy drive type 3.5 "the publication of the first generation iMac though Apple is one of the pioneering companies carry this disc standard personal computer. In a recent interview with Time, vice president Phil Schiller its products that companies produce Windows computer "scared" to do the same thing.

Apple’s Phil Schiller on the State of the Mac

Phil Schiller introduced the latest generation iMac at the event on October 23th, 2012.

Schiller said "the old technology that is holding our feet" and they are "anchored" to prevent Apple made its objectives. He says things like optical drives were no longer useful and that it has completed its mission, but the Windows PC makers are "afraid to get rid of them" out of their products. "We always try to look for the best solution - our customers gave us a lot of confidence."

When asked about why Apple decided not to use the optical drive on the latest generation iMac, Schiller replied: "Actually, it comes from the same thinking as the mobile computer. Generally, the removal of the set storage devices that use rotating components from your computer and other devices we are a good idea. they have inherent problems - they are composed of mechanical and sometimes damaged, they use a variety of energy and the size was too big. " Meanwhile, Apple is to "create products that are smaller, lighter and use less power."

Schiller pointed out that the distribution of software, one of the main applications of optical disc, Digitized lot. As for video, he said Blu-ray "issues make it complicated and is not a good technology," but this is not related to the true quality of the Blu-ray video. He offers an alternative solution for Blu-ray is iTunes online content store.

Talking about the production of cheap computers, Schiller reveals "Our motto at Apple is to make products that we ourselves feel proud to own and use them." We do not manufacture things cheap or low quality. As the economy in trouble, people will pay more attention to what they spend money on. Customers know that Apple products are not expensive - they are determined by the values ​​that we have integrated into the ".

The vice president mentioned the netbook and that this is a very poor quality line, while everyone agreed that it is the future of mobile computing. "Even if the market moves toward it (netbook), we will not chase people." In fact, Apple has their cheap computer manufacturers, and that is the iPad. "IPad has become our answer to the $ 500 computer. Was time to prove that we absolutely right on this point., And the 100 million people (perhaps Schiller customers are using Its tablet) agreed that the iPad is a good computer".