Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS and John Browett, retail team leader leaves Apple.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS and John Browett, retail team leader leaves Apple.

Apple has said that the vice president of iOS, Scott Forstall, will leave the company next year. Not only that, John Browett, chief retail will break up with Apple. 

Scott Forstall (left) and John Browett (right)

Although not officially announced, but with Forstall, can he be under pressure because of the inclusion of an incomplete application maps instead of Google Maps that during the presentation at WWDC 2012, he stressed this is one of the key features of iOS 6. The introduction of Siri, while still labeled Beta can also be one of the reasons why you have to leave the company that I have worked closely over the past 15 years. In 2010, Mark Papermaster, vice director of hardware engineering has left Apple for reasons presumably due to an error poor reception antenna on the iPhone 4.

When Forstall and Browett leave, their task will be Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue vaCraig Federighi undertake. In other words, Tim Cook did not intend to find new people to replace the current space that our work on two subordinates to allocate to other senior staff. Tim Cook has written a letter to his staff to thank Forstall, and noted that this was "have contributed to Apple in his career."

More specifically, Jony Ive will "provide leadership and direction for human interface (Human Interface) through internal company next to the position of chief technology design. Incredible aesthetic of he is the driving force beneath the appearance of Apple products for well over a decade. " Eddy Cue will receive more about Siri task and Maps alongside the management of online services such as iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and iCloud. Meanwhile, Craig Federighi will play the lead role iOS and OS X. The move will help the development of the mobile operating system and Apple computer operating systems come together, a trend that we have started to see from the OS X Lion 10.7. Finally, Bob Mansfield in the next two years will receive additional responsibility of leading a new department: Technologies (technology). This is the merger of many of Apple's wireless group as a unit. Semiconductor research units of the company will also join here.

For its part John Browett, Apple said the company is looking for a new person to lead the company's retail group, and it also does not mention the reason for his resignation. During the "transition", this group will be led by Tim Cook. Earlier this year, Apple hired John Browett, the former CEO of Dixons retail group in Europe, the deputy director of the retail division.