Discovered the world's oldest message in sea

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Discovered the world's oldest message in sea

Scotland captain finds a bottle of postcards of the sea and the Book of Guinness World Records recognized it is the oldest message in the sea so far.

Book of Guinness World Records, said Andrew Leaper, captain of the fishing vessel named "copious", found the bottle on 12/4 when he and other fishermen nets off the coast of the Shetland Islands in the North Sea under UK.

Andrew Leaper holding a bottle containing the oldest message and the certificate of the Guinness World Records Book. Photo: BBC.

Leaper found the message contained in a bottle floating in the sea for 97 years and 309 days - longer than five years back with the message on the oldest sea before.

The bottle, bearing 646B symbols, contains a postcard. The content of the postcards suggest people find it write date and location and then sent back to the "Director of Scotland's fisheries committee" for a reward 6 cents, Discovery said. Captain C. H. Brown in Glasgow Maritime drop the bottle into the sea on 06/10/1915.

This is one of 1,890 bottles serve scientific research because they are specifically designed to sink to near the seafloor. All of these bottles contain the same postcard, please find the date and location and send to the address in postcards to reward 6 cents.

"The bottle that helps oceanographic experts early in the last century to collect important information in order to make the model of the flow of water in the area around Scotland," Bill Turrel, expertsagency for Research on ecosystems and the marine environment of Scotland, explained.

Turrell said he found many aspects of the right in the conclusions of the oceanographer time.

"For example, they deduced correctly that the clockwise circulation of water around our shores. However, not until the creation of electronic equipment in 60 years, new scientific determination of accurate ocean model and other factors impact on the standard model, "Turrell said.

It is interesting that Mark Anderson, a friend of Leaper, found the message contained in the bottle originated from Scotland in 2006 while fishing on a boat. Book Guinness World Records recognized this is the oldest message in the sea.

"The interesting coincidence is that a fishing boat from Shetland had found two messages are the world's oldest sea. It's like twice won the lottery, "Leaper said.

So far we have found 315 bottles were released in 1914. After 98 years, the bottle is still being sent back to the Scottish Marine Laboratory in intact condition.