6 Tips For Accelerating Traffic From Facebook Fan Page

Friday, March 15, 2013

6 Tips For Accelerating Traffic From Facebook Fan Page

Facebook holds tremendous potential to provide your business with popularity. However, not many business owners yet know How to Get Targeted Traffic From Facebook Page. In this article, you will learn about 6 marvelous tips for getting a free flow of traffic to your website.

1. Give your Facebook page a lucrative name

Often, many companies combine business names and their fields of expertise in the fan page names. For instance, a company named Joe Florist has a page named 'Joe Florist - wedding, reception, and every other occasion close to your heart'.

Although the name sounds good since it provides clear information regarding the company, Facebook may not support it at all. With so many keywords stuffed in the page name, 

Facebook may term it as spam. Hence, this fan page will become completely useless for the business owner.

For avoiding such disaster, you should keep your fan page name limited to your brand name. In case, the name is too common then you may add one of your business specialties. It will make the page name unique. For instance, if the name of your business is Joe Jeez, and you sell bakery products then you may choose JoeJeez Bakery as your fan page name.

2. Fill out every field in the Info tab

When you create a fan page, Facebook provides you with an info tab. In this tab, you are required to enter details regarding your business. It may seem like a tedious job. However, this information plays an important role in making your business more visible, as all the fields of the info tab are indexed.

Now, by using relevant keywords, you can increase your business popularity. For instance, the address and zip code will help the local search engines track your business while the product overview information will allow search engines to reveal your company name when the products are searched.

3. Make your fan page content interesting

Of course, people will like and share your fan page when they read or see something interesting. Hence, you should post upcoming business events on your fan page with attractive photographs and captions.

Is your company going to launch a new service or a product? Announcing the product launch on Facebook fan page will excite the visitors thoroughly.

However, while posting content, you should always think from the perspective of your prospective customers. People will be more excited if you allow them to experience the new product or the service. Hence, along with the launch, you may introduce a competition, which will have free access to the newly launched service or the product. You may also give away free coupons to the first 10 visitors, who like the page.

4. Give regular attention to your fan page

People are attracted towards new updates. If you do not post anything new then your friends will not visit your fan page, and it will not get any more likes. Therefore, not posting regularly can reduce your online presence alarmingly.

Moreover, wall posts and events are now indexed. Therefore, by writing fresh posts with profitable keywords, your business will have greater chances of appearing in Facebook's search engine results.

Posting regularly does not mean you should post every day. After dedicating a post on product launch, the next day, you should talk about the product along with the pictures or even a video. At the end, you should not forget to mention any special offer, discount, or a competition that you have announced with the product launch.

5. Start interaction with your commentators and keep the communication alive

Your fan page will definitely invoke reactions. Consequently, you will find comments from the visitors. Replying to the comments is important. It will help your business forge a relationship with the visitors on a personal level.

If there are questions, answer them. In case, there are feedbacks, reply to them and thank the commentators. On seeing your replies, the visitors will start relying on your brand name.
As you reply, do not forget to encourage your commentators to visit your website. However, you should never sound pushy while encouraging them.

6. Connect your blog, website and Facebook fan page

If you only connect your fan page and your website then you will be limiting the flow of traffic. That is why you should include your fan page link on your website so that people, who are visiting your site, will also be encouraged to visit your page and become fans.

Another interesting trick is to merge your personal and professional Facebook accounts. By pasting the fan page link on your Facebook personal account, you will be able to attach another stream of traffic to your website.

About Author: Jason Smith is an online manager for BCVAWEB - video production dallas . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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