Viglink, the easy way to make money online from affiliate!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Viglink, the easy way to make money online from affiliate!

Frist, I have to say that Viglink is the most affiliate system which can make money online easily I have known. All things which you need to do is insert their javascript in your site, then Viglink will does all for you automatically.

Viglink, the easy way to make money online from affiliate!

What's Viglink?

VigLink is an affiliate marketing system that can brings money for you if you have own website or blog. And sweetie here: if you get yourself a VigLink account, you can become an affiliate of all companies which have joined Viglink system. The number of companies have joined this system is over 30,000. Certainly while I am writting this article, this number has been growing. 

That's Free?

Uh-oh, yes, of course! Viglink is total free for opening an account for you. They let everyone, who has the website or blog, forum, board... register an account for free. They support many platform which you can use for your site as,,, phpBB, TypePad, vBulletin and even for Tumblr. 

How VigLink Works

As I said, installation of Viglink is really simple. You just copy and past a code from Viglink to your site. If you use Wordpress, you can install by Wordpress plugin like other plugins you had installed before. The cool thing I love at Viglink is I can sell anything for eBay and Amazon easily. Some times, the visitors read my article on my site, they buy products from some words which contained links of Amazon and eBay naturally :).


When it comes to link insertion, VigLink is customizable enough to not interfere with your content (anyone who has ever tried Infolinks knows how crappy in-text advertising can make your site look). With VigLink it’s up to you how you insert links. You can choose for the platform to simply affiliate the links you insert. If you are a member of any other affiliate program, I recommend going to Features on VigLink’s website and make sure you are not re-affiliating any links (your commission will be smaller if you do).
Viglink, the easy way to make money online from affiliate!If you don’t want to bother yourself with linking to anything and if you don’t mind having your site stuffed with outbound links, you can configure VigLink to insert links when it sees you mention one of their partners. This is a good idea and enabling link insertion can save you a lot of time and trouble. You can’t control the number and density of links from your account, but you can simply email VigLink support, tell them where and how many links you want and they’ll do everything for you. VigLink are careful about what and where they insert, so don’t worry about SEO – there will be no damage whatsoever (this is not me blabbing – I got this information confirmed by VigLink staff. And if you don’t believe me, you will believe Google – VigLink is backed up by Google Ventures).
VigLink has a good reporting functionality, which you can access as soon as you log into your account. You are presented with a dashboard that lets you see your current and all time revenue, the number of clicks per month and all time, as well as a calendar that registers clicks. You can check your performance for any given day by clicking on it on the calendar. You will then be redirected to another page where you can see all sorts of data for a given week – affiliated clicks, revenue, non-affiliated links, and so on.
One of the features I really liked is Merchant Explorer – a tool that allows you to check if a merchant is affiliated or not and lets you browse all partners. The cool bit if that you can see what sort of commission each merchant pays and whether its commission for a sale, a lead or a click. Merchant Explorer can be found under Tools and you don’t have to have an account to use it. So anyone can check VigLink’s partners and commission rates by going to


VigLink pays via PayPal and there is no minimum payout. All that is needed from you is your PayPal email address, a filled in tax form (you can do it on the website – it’s easy), and a bit of patience because VigLink doesn’t pay you immediately – you have to wait. VigLink pays on a net-60 days basis. This means that you have to wait for two months to get paid.

Refer and Earn 35%

Yes, up to 35% for each commission of the referal publishers in their frist year! If you’d like to participate in VigLink’s referral program, here’s how it works. That's so easy:
  1. You’ll need to create a VigLink account if you don’t already have one. Click here to create your free account.
  2. Next, login to your VigLink account.
  3. Once you are logged in, click on “ACCOUNT” in the top right corner of your dashboard.
  4. You’ll notice a section called “PROMOTE VIGLINK” and a unique URL below. Grab that URL and share it!
  5. Each person that signs up via that URL will be associated with your account, and you’ll get paid a commission bonus for each one. You can track how much you have earned via the VigLink referral program in the “PROMOTE VIGLINK” section.

Tell your Friends

Here are a few tips for promoting your VigLink Referral URL and increasing the number of referrals associated with your account:
  • Use your link as the hyperlink destination for your VigLink disclosure badge
  • Email friends directly with the link
  • Include the link in any blog posts, forum threads or webpages where you reference VigLink
The the ending: I recommended strongly you use this system for make money online from you site or blog. That's really a sweet affiliate system. 

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