Put Iphone to King again: What Apple has done?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Put Iphone to King again: What Apple has done?

Apple has responded positively to the technology trend is towards a larger screen, but obviously the design of the iPhone 5 was made fans pose a question that What has Jony Ive done during last year?

Apple iPhone
Experts say that the Cupertino giant country need to do now is to focus your attention on the system software in the next product.

IPhone first generation born in 2007 has hit an important milestone in the history of the world's smartphones. After "pushing" first, when the next version of the cult phone line is released, the iOS faithful as well as the entire community technology "fever xinh chain" with "child pet "that" apples defects "introduced. iPhone meantime, and until the present time, there is a trend for young people.

The great smartphone is enough to bring a smile to fans even simply thinking about it. 5th generation iPhone, still glamorous, still makes users "concern" when the product was announced. However, a part grin year was far down on the lips of the faithful iOS. The departure of Steve Jobs is probably a big loss for Apple in general and the next generation of the iPhone in particular.

However, the level of a major player on the playing field is not easy to fade. Let's see what Apple would have to do to put smiles for their return.

1. Hardware

Apple has been known as a company has been successful in setting trends for new technologies. The most typical is the iPhone, touch-screen smartphone released while the tech world is still "settled" with the phone keypad, with the dominance of the "princes" Nokia. And the results have far exceeded the expectations of the Apple iPhone was "dominant" in the market for a long time so far.

Apple iPhone
But after six years, it seems that the lead role of "Apples defects" are gradually faded as the movement now depends on market competition by their rival. The continued increase of the size of the screen is a vivid illustration. Apple has equipped with 3.5-inch screen on the "my little pet" until 2012 when the latest generation iPhone 5, comes with screen sizes up to 3.99 inches. Indeed, it is the right move for the spirit, but completely wrong in doing. Screen of the iPhone 5 does not seem to be broad in its own right, but simply be pulled up above the "predecessor". This does not make reading documents or surfing the web becomes easier, which is probably only make users feel weird because the rate of elongation of this product.

It is about time that Apple has responded positively with technological trend is towards a larger screen, but obviously the design of the iPhone 5 has fans pose a question that Jony Ive do during a year. If you look at devices like the Galaxy S III, this product clearly showed that manufacturers can fully design the smartphone with a larger screen that remain seem to be flexible and easy to use their use. The expanded display also need to pull in a larger panel suitable and convenient for user to use.

In addition, Apple's proprietary connector has become "tired" instead of other platforms have standardized on micro-USB port. While Android or Windows Phone users do not need to worry about buying expensive cable system to charge your smartphone, Apple has led fans to "headache" inherent monopoly. Undeniable connections Lightning is a good tool similar to the output port of the video. The pin (plug) is also quite clear, however, can only use the proprietary equipment sometimes accidentally brings trouble for believers iOS. Why is "forbidden" fans to use the charger with the most common type of connection is a USB microphone? Apple can not do that at least with the 30-pin adapter is being sold on the market, however, the problem is $ 29 for each charger to connect to Apple's Lightning really ridiculous.

Apple iOS 6

In addition, the iPhone's home screen so far, after "dozens" version, remains the same boring icons, knowing that the icon itself has contributed to the brand Apple. While his biggest rival, Android, continuous innovation and allows arbitrary users can change the look as well as the boring default icon, seems to "Apples alternate" is not really interested in this.

Home screen of the iPhone does not provide contextual information, even the weather icon is also completely temper boring. Besides, there is no easy way to sort through the application icon on smartphones hit. Users will have to move one screen at you until you find the app you want.

iphone 4 vs iphone 5

Trying to keep the home screen on the iPhone simply accidentally "push" the important features hard-to-reach places. For example, the menu settings for the iOS did not get any more convenient to use in the past six years. In fact, many new features are added, and this seems to increase the "stickiness" on the phone. Take up to 3 operations to convert simple features such as radio is a completely ridiculous when you can do it on the home screen.

Basically, Apple needs more flexibility in arranging the applications and utilities. "Apples defects" need to rethink how the home screen works on iOS. This is the main factor that a user interacts with your phone. Compared with the flexibility that Android provides to users, you can totally see the limp here. Perhaps the manufacturer Made their innovative Cupertino need more if you do not want to lose the image of a creative brand that they have thick construction all the time.


If Apple continues faithful to the style "drip" their next product which the company announced it would be iPhone 5S and not iPhone 6. Is this a right not when the sales of iPhone 5 for the first time in the history of Apple did not like the company's expectations for smartphones. Another mistake would not be able to put Apple back to the number one position of the smartphone market.

There is an undeniable truth that the iPhone is the phone line that led and inspired a series of its competitors. Apple iPhone, and their only problem is to make this smartphone more perfect. The iPhone 5 is still selling very well at the moment and has brought huge profits for the Cupertino giant origin, however, the need of a rescue course not after you have crashed iceberg. Hopefully the fans will continue to see the growth and innovation of Apple in the next generation of this product line.