Best Antivirus for Windows 8

Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Antivirus for Windows 8

Windows 8 has proven to be a radically different experience for PC users, just like it has proven quite different for software developers. Keeping that in mind, you’ll likely need to get an updated antivirus solution to keep your computer protected against a new age of malicious content that comes with a new operating system as different as Windows 8.

Windows 8 Antivrus
For the first time in Microsoft’s history, Windows 8 will include an antivirus application with the operating system. But is it the best antivirus for Windows 8? It’s a start, but likely won’t be enough to protect you against many of the threats that exist online. Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus application, while helpful, is still quite primitive in its protective measures. So what application should you go with instead? Here is a list of the top antivirus applications that protect you where Windows Defender is deficient.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Of the many antivirus solutions in existence, Bitdefender is one of the best when it comes to detection and removal. It has the second-highest malware detection rate among paid antivirus software at 99.96 percent along with an incredible malware removal rate of 90 percent. But on the downside it is resource-intensive software that can reduce your computer’s speed during its rather lengthy scans.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Another well-known antivirus solution, Kaspersky continues to maintain an acceptable level of performance in comparison to most other protection applications out there. They combine good malware protection with a detection rate of 99.34 percent with an acceptable level of malware removal at 60 percent.

Panda Antivirus

Of all the antivirus applications out there, Panda is one of the best at detecting known malware, scoring a 99.99 percent detection rate. In addition, its scanning processes barely impact PC performance. Once malware is detected, an antivirus application needs to be able to remove that content, a test which Panda Antivirus scored 60 percent on.

AVG Antivirus

This is a well-known application that has a solid history of detecting known malware. While they didn’t score 99.99 percent, they were close with a 99.94 percent detection rate. On the downside, they have a higher-than-average false-positive rate which can lead to a lot of unnecessary file removals. With the malware removal test, Norton scored a remarkably low 50 percent.

Buying an antivirus software for Windows 8 offers you countless advantages over free solutions. In addition to better protection, you’ll also find more features and services that will increase your computer’s security. For example, internet security suites will oftentimes include a firewall to help block intrusions and data theft, which are better than what Windows has built in. You’ll also find technical support available for added assistance if your computer becomes infected.

While Windows Defender will protect you from most malware, anything less than 100 percent protection means you’re still vulnerable. You need to consider not only the best protection, but also the software that will offer the most features to help keep you on the straight and narrow path of internet security.