Amazing Apple Concept Designs in 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amazing Apple Concept Designs in 2013

iPhone 5, iPad Mini and then iPhone 5S will be luanched. Every products which Apple launchs was the art of technology and made users crazy! We don't say why Apple get the big success, but, there has one element: the amazing design of every Apple's products. Now we discover what're next amazing design of Apple. Here are some best concepts designs in 2013.


What does Apple can do for your desk? Maybe it should called "iDesk", as another products, and always make you surprised. Perhaps iDesk looks like photo below, the wonderful high tech device is mixed in with some Apple-esque design and NFC technology. That's good if iOS devices syncs by simply placing it on the desk and there is no need for a mouse as the desk is touch sensitive.

iDesk Apple Concept


Imaging you can watching TV or movies by the large screen with curved display. This iView is made for increasing the reallity when viewing some things. iView has 2 webcams and a backend display, maybe!

iView Apple Concept

The TriBook

Imaging you have a MacBook which has three screens look likes below. This is what the TriBook accomplishes, you have one regular laptop screen in the center and two foldable screens on the side for when tasks require just that little bit of extra room.

TriBook Apple Concept

Apple HoloBook

This concept is a resizable MacBook that has a holographic display. There is a Kinect-like motion sensor that has the ability to scan objects and convert them into 3D models and it can also be easily compressed to the size of an iPhone.

Apple HoloBook Concept


It is essentially just a normal LED TV, but its remote is an iPad-like device, with an interface familiar with an iOS device. It of course features Siri integration and has a Kinect-like motion sensor.
iBox Apple Concept


The iRing is, as it sounds, a ring that would connect to Apple devices over bluetooth. It would be able to increase / decrease volume, lock an iOS device and also Skip / Play songs. The iRing features an OLED display and a touch sensitive strip. It even comes with a neat cradle charger.

iRing Apple Concept


This iTV concept consists of an interactive box with a holographic display. Upon being turned on a 4-sided holographic display is brought up that is capable of entertaining 4 people. On one side someone could be watching a movie, while others are playing a game, surfing the web etc.

iTV Apple Concept

iWatch Shuffle

This is a very simple concept that could change the market once again. Apple almost hit the market with the iPod Nano before changing the design, but could re-enter the market with a redesigned Shuffle that is also a bracelet/watch.

iWatch Shuffle Apple Concept

Mac Pro Black

This one is simple, a black Mac range.

Mac Pro Black


The iCom is essentially a bedside hub that functions as a music player, digital picture frame, weather station, alarm…. oh and a holophone, just because.
The iCom Apple Concept

Transparent iMac

A transparent iMac with a 30-inch ultra-thin LCD screen that is totally transparent when the iMac is not in use. You can actually set the screen to various levels of translucency when you are using it and much more.

Transparent iMac Apple Concept


When it comes down to it, the iPhonePlus is how everyone really wanted the iPhone 5 to turn out like. It is made out of liquid metal, has an internal pico-projector and so much more. The iPhonePlus is slim, has a display like the iPad Mini and leaves your breathless.

iPhone Plus Apple Concept

iPod Chimera

The iPod Chimera comes with a 500GB or 1TB hard drive, it’s made of titanium, has a Retina display and so much more. Various configurable options include: Two-way iSight camera, GPS for navigation, weather, emergency beacon, Sirius Radio/Video, GamePod, HD receiver for off-air HDTV or radio.

iPod Chimera Apple Concept

Apple's products always create the waves in high-tech community. Every designs of Apple have own style. That's not only a high-tech, that's behaving which you treat for technology, then change your life.  And you can see, our world becomes smaller, more and more...