What we will do when Facebook down?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What we will do when Facebook down?

On Monday, at 6pm, the big social Facebook down in Germany because of it encountered the DNS issues and make so many users in this country didn't enter thier timeline and worry. Although after that, everything be right, but, if Facebook down really, mabe we start over again with what? A new Facebook? Or another social networks?

Facebook down

Starting on 2004 with the name "The FaceBook", then is "Facebook", it becoming the largest social network. We wake up on moring and take the breakfast while checking Facebook status on mobile devices, then work our job. But, at all the times you spend on your work station, how many times you sign in your Facebook account and chatting, playing games on it, or simple only beacuse wonder if any body leave a message on your wall? At the end of the day, you come back your home, having dinner, working and then...Facebook again. Hey, you can see, this socila network has a "big" (if I don't want to supposed that 's so big)  influence to our lives. So, if Facebook down, I say again "if" only, WHAT DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? And HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT FACEBOOK?

Hey, I don't know, but that mabe make some big changes on our lives. Changing the habit is more difficult than change using the product. Yes, I said, Facebook is becoming the habit of us..

Facebook down, perhaps our lives down too...?