Actual photos for the iPhone 5S?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Actual photos for the iPhone 5S?

Less than three months after the iPhone 5 launch, the network has begun to appear the actual image on the back of Apple's next iPhone model tentatively called the iPhone 5S.

Rumors Apple start producing iPhone 5S from next month

These reality posted on page ETradeSupple shows, iPhone 5S is not much different, even identical in design and size than the current model iPhone 5. The back cover on the back still use aluminum material comes the black plastic strip located at both ends.

Image has not been confirmed is a sure way of iPhone 5S, but more to show that this is not the iPhone 5 back cover that is of a different product. As the screw to get the circuit board inside the back cover of the iPhone 5S with the iPhone 5. On the back of the machine with information about Part Number X has more character, this is more often seen on the leak test device before Apple, from the iPhone 4 to the iPad Mini battery.

This picture is supposed about the iPhone 5S, the next iPhone iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S
 The details on the inside back cover slightly different design of the iPhone 5.