The cost of the Gaza war

Monday, November 19, 2012

The cost of the Gaza war

Israel initiated hostilities have escalated in the Gaza Strip and Israel's losses have been estimated. Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance may pay a terrible price in human and economic.

This estimate is based on the previous war.

picture against gaza war

This photo is becoming an anti-war symbol, and spread throughout the world: Jihad Masharawi hug the body not yet one year old son were killed when Israeli bombs fell on their house in Gaza. "My son has done nothing to deserve that? Incompressible Masharawi painful - A 11-month-old baby, what mistakes ". His eldest son was seriously injured and her 19-year-olds were killed - Photo: Huffington Post

These estimates are based on the "East Germany" in 2008 or the 2nd Lebanon war, though the number depends on the severity and duration of the conflict. Besides, the difference in cost is due to the nature of the attack. According Ha'Aretz, not fight often less expensive than on the war, in contrast to the equipment involved as fighters are generally more expensive than ground weapons such as tanks or artillery.

Campaign "crowded" lasted 22 days and cost over 3.8 billion Shekel ($ 960 million), of which about 2.4 billion Shekel by the Ministry of Finance and the remainder from the source of funds of the Ministry of Defense . Lebanese war in 2006 forced the Israeli Ministry of Finance to more than 8.2 billion Shekel (more than 2 billion U.S. dollars), not including the additional provisions in times of emergency.

Costs for air campaign

Alert Ha'Aretz calculate Israeli airstrike campaigns cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour. To operate an unmanned aircraft to 6,000 Shekel (about 1,500 U.S. dollars) per hour, while a helicopter to spend $ 5,000 / hour. Cost for an aircraft flying in the sky each hour is $ 15,000. The deployment of military reserve force Israel to pay 450 Shekel (more than 110 USD) per person / day.

Besides the indirect costs of the war, such as loss of labor productivity due to the troops were forced to leave or production capacity. The wave of violence these days a strong impact on southern Israel when many factories, offices to narrow or shut down operations temporarily. About 1,000 factories in the area hit hard by artillery, not to mention other types of businesses. In addition, many schools are closed due to the fighting force the parents to stay and the cost of insurance agency must pay for the employee to do a huge amount. Finally, the material damage caused by artillery shells. Campaign "crowded" four years ago caused losses of up to $ 25 million.

Israeli Finance Ministry unveils measures to ease pressure on businesses, such as allow deferred tax report a week. David Zaken, Israeli officials to monitor the bank, said the bank has directed to support people within 40km of the Gaza Strip. As a result, people in the affected areas of the shells are allowed to exceed the credit limit or perform transactions over the telephone without an agreement manually.

Not intended armistice

Prime Minister Netanyahu government is planning to expand the campaign air strikes in the Gaza Strip, an official campaigner said. Israel Air Force attack command has been enhanced to prepare a campaign on the other.

"We're not talking about a cease-fire, it is not in the plan," said an official of the consultation meeting between Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Declaration on Channel 2, Mr Barak said the Palestinians pay the price for the shelling of Tel Aviv. A military spokesman said it plans to summon 30,000 reserve soldiers.

Conflict escalated from 14-11 days after the Israeli air strikes targeting the Gaza Strip killed a military commander of the Islamist movement Hamas, the group which controls Gaza. In response, Hamas returned fire hundreds of missiles at Israel, but most of the intercept.

At least 51 Palestinians were killed, half of them civilians, including 14 children and hundreds injured since the outbreak of violence. Towards Israel, missiles, killing at least three civilians were killed and dozens injured. The tragic story recounted the last few days are carved the civilian loss that both sides suffer.

In Gaza City, a photo editor of the BBC take their relatives when the house in Zeitoun, near the border with Israel, was hit. Jihad Masharawi received the news while working and rapid burning house to find his family. "People say to me all went well, but I said please show me where I am" - Masharawi said. When you go to the hospital, new Masharawi or 11-month-old son Omar and you Hiba wife I died.

"All of us together and for just a moment, Omar lost wife and I survived. It's an ironic coincidence "Masharawi said in tears. Meanwhile, at the other side of the battle line, 26-year-old mother Mirah Sharf died when he was barely a baby. Sharf friends said they found her wounded after Hamas shells fell on houses four floors of where Sharf living to wait for day labor.

"She was there alone. Circuits she beating but unfortunately when the ambulance arrived, she did not survive, "friend named Manny Israel said.

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