Some feel when switching from iPad 3 to iPad mini

Monday, November 5, 2012

Some feel when switching from iPad 3 to iPad mini

Only a single reason for people to decide to transfer from iPad 3 mini iPad that's because it is compact and lightweight, can hold in your hands to used freely. This is the main reason for his transfer to iPad mini. If size and weight is not a top concern of mini iPad you do not have anything interesting, there will be many other better options, such as the iPad 3. IPad mini, you'll be better when holding, change the screen worse, if familiar looking retina on the iPad 3 would be upset to see a resolution of 1024x768. Permission to share some of his personal experience when he was transferred from the iPad 3 to iPad mini, expecting it will have certain reference value for what you are wondering.

switching from iPad 3 to iPad mini

First, talk about the price a bit. Mini iPad 16GB Wifi version sells for $ 329, excluding taxes and other fees. So at least you can buy for about $ 360. So to say that the price iPad mini is not current prices, if smart choices, you can still buy at good prices. Also the shops are scrambling to reduce the price, plus the iPad mini is not a hot product, its price will fall quickly.

First feeling when holding the iPad mini is that it was mild and moderate hand. If you hold the camera with one hand, you will not be struggling too much and does not cost very much. Feeling comfortable in one hand to read, not much different to use the Kindle to read. Especially suitable for those who like to read books, surf the web in bed like her. To hold the camera with one hand and use the other hand it is also much different than the previous iPad 9.7-inch.

ipad mini vs ipad 3

I can hold mini iPad with two hands and type virtual keyboard is quite comfortable. Before it can do so with the iPad 9.7 ", however it seriously and also have a little hand when typing.'s Why the iPad 3, I use logitech ultrathin keyboard cover when you need to type a lot. Screen 4: 3, the two of your thumb can cover all keyboard input so can comfortably for long periods. As this article is written entirely in iPad mini. Though the first input with 2 thumbs impossible by many fingers to the keyboard, but it's still acceptable, logitech keyboard no longer needed.

Using the tablet's software on small devices like you are looking at the world of tiny, strange, or or. Thinner top bar, keyboard up one part of the area is quite small. The software also gives you the feeling like that. A pleasurable feeling when used like this.

The screen is a huge minus point of the iPad Mini, even though its display quality is good, color and brightness and good viewing angles. But with only 1024 x768 resolution, it is difficult to compete with the PC version, where a resolution of 1280 x 800 is common. Screen iPad mini pitting, not smooth as the iPad 3, as compared with Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD, it is also more porous.

Low resolution plus the small size makes the font smaller than normal, looking uncomfortable. I had to spend all day with it to be able to get used to. In fact, Apple should adjust font iPad mini to a bit more smoother it will be less annoying, hope they fix it soon. If considered sites with mobile versions for the term will be small, difficult to read, go to the desktop and enlarge the frame contents will read better.

ipad mini vs ipad 3

My point is impressed with this mini iPad battery is very good, surf long warm-ko. Just surfing the web, just type the note just facebook with brightness of about 30% (at follow-up, dark and battery), 1 hour 30 minutes, a drop of about 8%. Essence will review the details in the near future.