President Obama Gangnam Style

Thursday, November 8, 2012

President Obama Gangnam Style

President Obama Gangnam Style

President Obama also affected Gangnam Style

In his second term, to make sure that President Obama will have to face a lot of questions about the myriad issues are pressing, but for fans of K-Pop, nothing weighted by the U.S. President said he could dance "dancing Horses" "Gangnam Style".


It seems that Obama really was thinking about dancing horse when he answered the questions in a quick interview on the radio recently. November 6, in a radio interview in New Hampshire, the President was asked either he or Michelle will like PSY dance "Gangnam Style."

"I only watch it once." I think I can dance. But I'm not sure that this is the appropriate time to do, "Obama said. Then he continued:" Perhaps ... I'll just jump secrets for Michelle. "

However, the a clip online community of self-nature humor transplant
has passed hands. It is the image of the President
Obama dancing "dancing horses". Let's enjoy!

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