Power Saving Tips for TV

Monday, November 12, 2012

Power Saving Tips for TV

Decrease the brightness, turn on power-saving mode, turn off the TV when not in use and even limited TV viewing is the way for you to save power effectively when using TV.

Here is a list of some tips to help using the TV with staging your home theater more energy efficient.


Turn off the TV when not in use

This should obviously be done, but some people susceptible to the habit to open TV in the background while you do not really see it. And whether the TV still use power when in standby mode, it is only a fraction of the TV power consumption when it is actually open. Hard to give up old habits, but you will save a block of money if you do this.

Turn off fast boot option

Several types of HDTV fast boot option called Quick Start. In addition, there are similar options for faster boot TV when you press the open button. The downside of this mode is enabled, it consumes more power (about 25 to 50 times) while waiting. Turn off this mode to help reduce electricity bills. You should wait a few seconds for the TV to start up.

Decrease the brightness contrast

Many LCD TV allows you to control the intensity of light back into the TV. By reducing the backlight (backlight), you will reduce your electricity consumption but also makes the TV less bright. The retailer usually increase the maximum brightness back up to the display screen. However, when reducing the brightness contrast, the image quality is usually better.

Open power-saving mode

power-saving mode

Power saving mode usually makes the TV less bright, but sometimes good for image quality.

Currently, a variety of TV-saving mode is designed to reduce power consumption. Performance of this mode varies TVs, can save a lot while saving just a little bit. The downside is the power saver mode usually makes the TV less bright, but sometimes good for image quality. Especially when the room lights are turned off, in this case very good image quality.

Reduced light output and image set

Many people buy a TV, film pops up and never change the image settings. Thus it is not only not good for the image quality, but also affect the power consumption. Most TVs are very bright by default and consuming more power. One of the first things that a professional will usually do is adjust the light output reduction. This is often the regulations governing control "contrast" or "image", and the adjustment of other things to help maximize the performance of your TV.

Power Saving Tips for TV
Reduced power light will help you save from 30% to 50% power consumption.

Reduced power light will save you how much? The Imaging Science Foundation, an organization that provides professional editing services of the United States, it is estimated that you can save from 30% to 50% of current energy consumption of the machine.

Brightness control theater

Many of the above tips will make the TV less bright, but you can compensate by controlling the light in the home theater room. Say that might be a little excessive for energy, but limiting the light in your home theater also helps to make the experience "theater" and help achieve the best performance of the TV.

Power Saving Tips for TV
Control lighting in the home theater room.

In addition to the set to make TV, lamp cover light quality is also beneficial in temperature reduces the energy costs.

Buy small TV screen

If you are planning to buy a new TV, you can limit the power consumption by purchasing smaller sized TV screen. This is not always true. For example, the type of TV monitor (rear-projection) is usually bigger and use less power than plasma TVs. But once the desired screen technology, smaller types almost always use less energy. To compensate for the small screen, you can sit closer to the screen.

Watching  TV together

Today, there are multiple TVs in the home is a normal phenomenon, not a luxury. But this means that the power consumption will increase. You can cut this consumption by watching TV with everyone in the family. You have to compromise with each item to see, but sometimes watch TV with your friends and family happy.

Should less watching TV 

Instead of watching another TV repertoire fact, you can choose to work or entertainment otherwise. Not only exercise, but also cut energy costs.