Ingress:When the game becomes the real life

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ingress:When the game becomes the real life

"It's happening all around you. They aren't coming. They're already here..."

That's all Google describe about this game. The special feature of Ingress is every things which you see in the real life will become the view in the game.

Ingress will turn the player's real world into the virtual space of the game

It seems that mobile entertainment has entered a new page when a group of Google engineers recently released games on the Android platform that transforms the real world of the player becomes a virtual world and backinto the context of the game.

Game called Ingress for team Niantic Google Labs engineers and building developers, content centers around a strange energy source has been discovered by scientists in Europe, and the player will have to find ways to to control this energy before it controls.

Ingress:When the game becomes the real life

A special feature of this game is that the player does not just sit alone with your smartphone or tablet to join the game, but instead require players to act really, go outside, make the move to the location around you to discover, unlock features, weapons or participate in new adventures.

For example, to control and grasp an object called a "portal", usually placed in locations containing a lot of information such as libraries or museums, players need to go to the library or hospital insurance the actual museum in addition to search "portal". Once you find and connect 3 "portal" from the game, players will set up an area in your game.

To make this, Ingress game is to use Google mapping technology to detect a user's location, and then integrate a virtualization layer to the real world of users interact with the game play and make the user's real world into a virtual world, as the context for the game.

The head of project development of this exciting game is John Hanke, Google's senior engineer, responsible for projects related to the development and position of the positioning Google as Google Earth, Google Maps and StreetView .

Hanke,  the previous CEO of Keyhole, specializing in technology development map and then acquired by Google in 2004.

"We live in a big world with a wealth of information, so why not play a game in this world?" Hanke said of Ingress game idea. "For the first time, the player's real world can be turned into space for a mobile game, and users will control your world devices on their hands."

Ingress game appeared and can be downloaded for free from the App Store Google Play here. Ingress can play and connected by many different players.

Note: the game is still in the testing process may not be available in some countries. Players need access on to sign up to receive an invitation to join the game.

As soon as the information about the game Ingress appearing Internet, users were really excited with a new and unique ideas on how to play on mobile devices, and that this is a new breakthrough for the mobile location.

Many people also think this case the game is integrated with "Fiction glass" Glass Project of Google, then, then the player would feel like to live in a world where real and virtual overlap , much of the science fiction movie of Hollywood.