5 design "nothing-to-say" of Apple

Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 design "nothing-to-say" of Apple

Not all Apple products are sleek and sophisticated design as the iPhone to the iPad.

Apple has been known to be a technology company with great design, iPod, Macbook, iPhone to iPad, all of these products carry a stylish design and a "color" of Apple. Apple company is also a pioneer in the application of the Unibody design (monolithic) with its Macbook line. But whether all of Apple's products are designed with the above products? Here design is 5 "hardest to help" of apple Ever.

1. MessagePad 2100

Once upon a time, before the smartphone was born, one must be familiar with the product like Handspring, PalmPilot and Newton MessagePad 2100.

MessagePad - ancestor of the current iPad.

Launched in 1993, the Newton MessagePad 2100 using Intel StrongARM 162 MHz, 6.1'' touch screen with 4MB RAM. Products with up to 30 hours of battery life but have one thing unless it is to connect this device to a personal computer is extremely difficult.

If you look at the design of Apple's products after the design of the Newton MessagePad 2100 was indeed a disaster.

2. eMate 300

eMate 300 is a low-cost laptop that Apple gives education market. eMate 300 was born in 1997 is equipped with a screen resolution of 480x320 processing chip with ARM 710a 25MHz.

Design for the film ... "Troll" Tegacy.

Design, eMate have a plastic frame blue cumbersome. Brothers purple, red, white and orange of the eMate also turn out to life but only for display and not for mass production. Although the design is not really excellent, but the eMate 300 was the inspiration for Apple to release the next product in our list, iBook.

3. iBook

Nobody thought that this was the forerunner of the famous Macbook.

Bring color and sleek design still get plastic shell and frame, iBook debuted in 1990. Specifications and weight machines are not comparable with the later PowerBook. However, the iBook has achieved great success commercially.

4. iMac G3

Is the first product of the iMac line of personal computers, the iMac G3 is equipped with 233 MHz PowerPC G3 chip, 4GB of memory, 32MB Ram. It is sold on the market for high price $1299.

This design is a source of inspiration to be the iMac nowsaday.

With its colorful design, bright and eye-catching, this product is "hot money" from Apple but it does not look like a piece of plastic pie.

5. iPod U2 Special Edition

In 2004, the rock group U2 hit with Apple unveiled the new iPod version with plans to change the music industry with the mp3 file format.

iPod U2

However, this product does not seem to make users happy with contrasting colors too, together with the etchings of U2 on the back. Of course, fans of U2 still love love this product and since Apple launched the iPod version of U2 lead singer Bono became a fan of apple products.