The truth about the tomb and mummy Egyptian Pharaoh

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The truth about the tomb and mummy Egyptian Pharaoh

With the popularity of his tomb, the burial place of Pharaoh Tutankhamun also stolen "visited" a few days after the "enter".

The secret of ancient tomb

Almost all pyramids discovered in Egypt have been dabbling in theft before. That is why the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun reef is extremely important. In Egypt, in addition to severe weather, the survivors dug grave theft really is the biggest threat to the rest of the king.

Digging the grave theft forces here as much as it used to be one of the attractive professional, bring a lot of income for young people. However, not all guys success by most of the cost is very expensive in their own lives. Crowd dug grave thieves will "Pharaoh" after a period of time to break the tomb because of exposure to toxic gases inside.

The truth about the tomb and mummy Egyptian Pharaoh
A tomb being excavated.

Legend has it that in ancient times, each with a king of Baghdad to break into the center of the great pyramids of Giza.He discovered the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Cheops but inside is empty. The reason for this, archaeologists believe that he had the wrong room because inside the pyramid is a lot rooms contain mummies author, forming a maze deceive them dig the grave theft.

With the popularity and "be played" for his tomb, the burial place of Pharaoh Tutankhamun also stolen "visited" a few days after the "enter". These thieves have revealed traces when it was discovered they had dropped a bag full of rings on the tunnel they dug.

Referring to Tutankhamun's tomb, we can not ignore the Lord Carnarvon, who financed the excavation of the tomb in 1922. He died a year later. When he died, the bright torch of Cairo jet off, his dog ran into the house barking incessantly. Many people say that it is a disaster that he suffered from the curse of the pharaohs.

The truth about the tomb and mummy Egyptian Pharaoh
Lord Carnarvon

Besides gold, silver and jewels were buried with him, the mummy was buried with "Book of Death" (The Book of the Dead). This does not necessarily refer to curse thieves tomb that just guide how to live in the afterlife of the Pharaoh.

The ancient Egyptians have a strong belief in life in the next world. They even said that when a person retired from the world, it is time he started real life.

In 1901, the British historian, Flinders Petrie discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Djer (the king of the first dynasty of Egypt). Meanwhile, he found an arm wrapped cloth tape is used to seal the hole in the wall. Currently, scientists have yet to verify it is the hands of anyone. Many assume that it's the price we pay for a grave robber.

The truth about the tomb and mummy Egyptian Pharaoh
Tomb of the Pharaoh often very large area because it is considered to be the palace of the king in the afterlife.

In the 1880s, a thief was caught after selling precious jewels of almost 30 mummies. It is known that this thief was a tour guide to visit the ancient tombs. Do not restrain greed before the precious jewelry, he decides to "craft" a thief.

The Titanic sank been blamed for the curse of the mummy is placed on ships on their way to the United States. This story haunts many people for a long time and later scientists have proved it has no reality.

Secrets of mummies

The mummy was placed in a special tent carry names rather "call": "The Beautiful House" (roughly translated: beautiful house) to imply the priests are doing a humanitarian work, help mummy get a better life.

Before conducting embalming, the priests would have to knock some mummy's going to make it better preserved. These agencies will be stored in a different small jar, buried under a mummy to ensure that the mummy is still full all agencies when it comes to the afterlife.

The mummy's eyes are replaced with black. However, under Ramesses IV, they were replaced with. That would make the people at that time small tears while visiting the tomb, a way to express sympathy for the deceased.

Pharaonic mummies soul will go through the Duat - where the boiling lake, river of fire and spray the snake venom! This is hell on the imagination of the Egyptians. If you pass all core and prove his royalty, Pharaoh will be to the god of the sun (Ra) - go to heaven.

The truth about the tomb and mummy Egyptian Pharaoh
The God Anubis is comparing the heart's weight (about the honesty) of the dead with a feather.

King Charles II (England) each collection and inspired layers of dust from the mummies to use them on your skin. He believes that "the sacred power, the highest" will help to cleanse his body from dust mundane.

The mummy is stolen and then be sent to the U.S. in 1890 were brought crushed and mixed paper. Then, the client starts mass deaths due to cholera. At that time, people thought it was the revenge of the mummy in fact, paper disinfection technology in the 19th century have not really developed a bacteria found in the mummy caused the disease.