Technology made our lives be changed

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Technology made our lives be changed

Have you ever imagine our lives would be like without the internet, cell phones? The advancement of technology has changed many aspects of life. Let's look at the changes under different angles below:

Technology change our lives

1. Television

Some years ago,  watching a movie or a favoriting the TV show,  you have to arrange a time and waiting time broadcast television. But now, thanks to Tivo, Netflix, Hulu, you will no longer have to worry about now broadcasting or any other problems and does not need to rent or buy a stack of DVDs to watch.

Television before and now

2. Images, Photos

Ago to store the pictures you need to have the album. And sometimes they filled a corner of your room. But now the majority of the picture is stored in computer memories, the hard drives which can store so many pictures, photos for you.

Pictures can be stored in the hard drives now

3. Dating

With changes in technology, now you can "take" the date easily. You can meet someone on internet, then keep touch with them by e-mail, social networks as Facebook, Twitter ... These new technologies helped us more convenient to communicate with each other.

Online dating

4. Parents

Before if you did not live with your parents, your almost certainly get the track for their personal lives. But now things were different. Your parents can become your "friend" on Facebook and you can invite them playing FarmVille same. And by that way, they can know what you are thinking and doing.

Parents on Facebook

5. Computers

Perhaps one of the most important benefits that the development of technology brings to us is helpping our lives more easily in the possession of technology products. Previously to having a computer,  you need to borrow a sum not less and sometimes even have to prepare a separate room to contain it. There are now only about 1,000 U.S. dollars you get a compact computer.

computer then and now