Rooms - create groups and interact more on Windows Phone 8

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rooms - create groups and interact more on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 8 update for mobile devices. Just as what to expect, WP8 has appeared with many improvements, including notable improvements in social network interoperability which is the strength of Windows Phone ever. 

Rooms Feature_Windows-8-Phone
Rooms Feature on Windows 8 Phone

In addition to the new People Hub on how to display, organize content, Microsoft also added a very interesting feature is the Rooms. Rooms are basically an extended cuaGroup feature on Windows Phone 7. If on WP7, you can create a group of contacts for future follow-up status updates on their social networks, instant messaging / email to the group, Rooms will allow you to interact more .

Chat Rooms: Unlike the form to send SMS to everyone in the group, each member of a Rooms Chat session will be able to see who left messages and replies, which makes a convenient rotation in a conversation between members. In addition, Location Sharing feature will allow easy sharing location of each member in Rooms with image maps.

Shared Calendar: All Rooms have shared calendars, in which all members of Room can view and update. If an additional member to schedule an event or change, these changes will automatically sync to the phone all the members in the Rooms.

Shared Photo Album: In addition to the schedule, Rooms members can share photo and video albums. You just click to share a photo or a video with a Rooms and we will show to all members of the Rooms.

Shared Notes: Similar to the images or calendars, you can also share a saved notes on OneNote for Rooms members.

Reportedly, the new features of Rooms can work well on WP7 and iOS phones, except for shared calendars.