Super typhoon Sandy "sweep" the U.S. - Many states submerged in floodwaters

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super typhoon Sandy "sweep" the U.S. - Many states submerged in floodwaters

On October 30, the U.S. East Coast people wake up in the dark because of power outages and raging scream of super typhoon Sandy. America's largest cities are New York most heavily damaged. Prediction super typhoon Sandy "washed" more than $ 100 billion even though the federal government has a warning and called the people to prepare for this storm.

So many things have been lost

Sandy tropical storm with winds of 120-180 km / h hit the U.S. East Coast states days 30-10 (hours) stretching from West Virginia to North Carolina and Connecticut, killing at least 13 people dead, more than 1 million people were evacuated and 7.4 million people lost electricity. People died mostly in the states of New York, New Jersey and West Virginia are mainly due to fallen trees on cars, electric shock or collapse. The storm hit New York accompanied by heavy rains flooded substations, large-scale power outages.

In New York, nearly 14 foot tide, the dam broke, a record since 1960. New York City has suspended bus and train services, closed schools and brought about 400,000 people evacuated from their homes in low-lying areas of Manhattan and elsewhere. Flooding also forced to close three of the major regional airports: LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty.

Water seeped into the subway station in Lower Manhattan and into the tunnel connecting Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn. Winds knocked a crane on top of skyscrapers in Midtown building, forcing authorities to evacuate the surrounding area. U.S. stock markets closed on 30-10 continues on Monday and this was unexpected closed since the terrorist attacks 11-9-2011.

White flood in Rehoboth, Delaware.

In Atlantic City, New Jersey, floodwaters inundated to the roof of the car. Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford told CNN that there are still too many people do not pay attention to the instructions to evacuate. In Seaside Heights, about 30 miles north of Atlantic City, Police Chief Thomas Boyd said the entire northern part of the town under water. The federal government in Washington DC also closed. According to Reuters, the estimated total damage caused by the storm Sandy in the U.S. forecast up to $ 100 billion.

Nuclear alarm

In New Jersey, Exelon Corp. launched the alarm at the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant. If flood waters continue to rise, more likely to use emergency water from firefighters to cool the fuel rods at the country's oldest power plants because the system has been damaged in the flood water pump .

Exelon said there is no danger to the safety equipment and no nuclear threat to public health. In the state of New York, Constellation Group has closed the Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant because they can not put air power into the grid. An Exelon's other nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania also have 91% power reduction when experiencing problems caused by the storm Sandy.

Sandy storm reminds Americans terrible hurricane Katrina in 2005. At that Katrina has made the current president at the time by GWBush criticized pain. Therefore, this time incumbent President Barack Obama has decided to stop the election campaign to return to the White House by the situation. Opinion that Obama will not have errors in the direct deal with the consequences of hurricanes like Katrina before, zero, voters can "punish" him through their votes.

According to AFP, the candidate Romney campaign stop next to Ohio, central state election, to join the a relief campaign here. But he also must be very careful because prone to take advantage of the difficult situation to gain political advantage, similar accusations in the U.S. Embassy were killed in Libya.