iPad Mini will replace the iPad 2?

Monday, October 22, 2012

iPad Mini will replace the iPad 2?

iPad Mini will replace the iPad 2?

Apple might remove the iPad 2 from its product line to iPad Mini be published. The removal of iPad 2, Apple also revealed plans to price this new tablet looks like.

According to a post on Apple Insider, analysis Rob Cihra written in a report to investors that he saw Apple introduced the iPad tablet computer with smaller screen is the opportunity to reduce the product line to "the story clearer product." He Cihra expects Apple to sell 7 million iPad Mini by the end of this year.

In such circumstances, the death of the iPad 2 is a very reasonable job. This product has a round and a half - a period too long for a new technology product cycle - and the iPad Mini is that the correct screen resolution as the iPad 2.

The presence of iPad 2 in the Apple product line also arises a problem is how the iPad Mini? IPod Touch has a 4 inch screen with a starting price of $ 299. iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch screen, starts at $ 399. That thought is there are very few local balance between products.

However, if the iPad Mini with intent to compete with the Kindle Fire tablet HD and Nexus 7 Android tablet starts at $ 199 - the price of the iPad Mini may be less than the iPod Touch any case.

Above is the reason it is said that Apple will stop the iPad 2 product line.

Do you think Apple will put an end to the existence of the iPad 2 when the iPad Mini release expected next week? Please share your opinion in the comment section of this article.