Inside the MacBook Pro Retina 13"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Inside the MacBook Pro Retina 13"

"SSD can customizing, but welding RAM, and so hard to maintaining and upgrading" are some comments about this device of Apple on iFixit.

Inside the MacBook Pro Retina 13"

MacBook Pro 13 "with a Retina screen just introduced a few days ago but now it was located in the" surgery "of iFixit. Engineers from this site has opened for us to see thecomponents inside of it. 

Retina Like its brother the MacBook Pro 15 ", Apple has use SSDs customized, dead RAM soldered to the motherboard (you will ever use 8GB of RAM, not more), batteryfixed on the machine frame, meaning that upgrading becomes very difficult. Even the screen is pressed tightly with the lid, and if there is a problem, they have to change the.

iFixit repair capacity assessment Retina MacBook Pro 13 "with hardware failure or want to replace with only 2/10 (still a bit easy compared to 1/10 of the Retina 15"). Invite you to continue to monitor the inside of this "super macbook" below.

Can see that the new Retina MacBook Pro 13" is thinner than the older version
The cute cat and MacBook Pro Retina
Hey, it's so cute!

Inside the MacBook Pro Retina 13"
The opening is very quick, have no difficulties to do that

Hardware of the device viewed from above. The battery takes up most space. Components quite neatly.

Start removing the battery. This paper records that opening pin must be brought to the Apple service,  but sorry Apple, if iFixit want to open it, you'll can not stop them. ^^

The first is to disconnect the battery. Batteries are connected by several small screws fastened circuit of the battery into their places.

This circuit only works as a bridge between the battery and the motherboard circuit

Apple has placed two small pieces of material seems to be made ​​of something like steel wool that has to cover the the fixed screws speakers. Apple is not the purpose of doing so, may want to reduce vibration, noise?

Because the lining of the battery MacBook Pro Retina 13 "compared to the 15",  Apple should be able to put the SSD drive just below the trackpad. Gaps in monitoring this SSD very strange because Apple usually not to the excess spaces.

SSD 2.5 "9.5 mm does not fit into this slot, iFixit is studying whether a 7mm or 5mm drive can be put here or not.

Remove the SSD circuits out of their frame

The Circuit 256GB SSD of Retina MacBook Pro 13"

The red is the chip Samsung S4LJ204X01-Y040, orange chip is manufactured by Samsung with No. K4T2G31QF-MCF7, and the yellow piece is Samsung's 32GB NAND flash chip. On this 4 chip, the back has 4 chip, so the total is 8 (8 x 32GB = 256GB)

AirPort card has the function as getting Wifi for device

Module AirPort

The heat conductor

The radiator fan

The radiator fan of MacBook Pro Retina 13" same to Retina 15"

The motherboard of Retina 13"

Motherboard of MacBook Pro Retina 13". Red is the Intel Core i5-3210M 2.5 GHz (integrated GPU Intel HD Graphics 4000 and Turbo Boost up to 3.10 GHz). Orange is DDR3L SDRAM of Hynix production. Onthere are eight chips, each chip 4Gb, the back has 8 chips, for a total of 16 children (16 x 4GB = 64GB or 8GB.) green is Intel's Thunderbolt port controller manufacturer.

On the other side of mainboard, red micro controller (not CPU, just a chip embedded controller only) with an integrated ARM manufactured by Texas Instruments. Orange is DDR3L RAM of Hynix, yellow is USB 2.0 Hub Controller the SMSC, green is programmable SoC from Cypress Semiconductor, blue chip controller CPU, GPU, pink is the audio controller .

This is the MagSafe charging port 2, emerged from the new MacBook Air and Pro Retina

Remove the battery from the body. According to iFixit, even though the battery of this device is fixed to the body but  easier to remove Retina MacBook Pro 15 "

Under side of the battery

Parameters of MacBook Pro Retina 13's battery

Apple leaves a space like this in the right place of the touchpad, but what for?. On the right hand side a 2Mb memory chip of Silicon Storage Technology. Do not know why touchpad need a memory chip?

Touchscreen controller chips made ​​by Broadcom, like on the iPhone 5. This chip controls the touchpad instead of a touch screen.

Screws fixed the touchpad, it's larger than the previous generation of MacBook

Remove the touchpad

Retina screen resolution of 2560 x 1600

Lower body of the MacBook Pro Retina 13"

Overview of the Retina MacBook Pro 13 "