Change the U.S. election day because of super typhoon Sandy?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Change the U.S. election day because of super typhoon Sandy?

A week before the U.S. presidential election, super typhoon Sandy influence to campaign, to stop early voting in some areas and led to the question whether the election will be postponed.

Mr Mitt Romney gave water to the people affected by the storm

Mr Mitt Romney gave water to the people affected by the Sandy storm

It will take several days to supply electricity to more than 8 million households and companies affected when the storm hit the East Coast. This has led many leading experts to question whether the presidential election scheduled to take place on 6/11 will be delayed.

Theoretically, the delay is possible but is likely to occur by not even super typhoon Sandy affected 60 million people throughout northeastern, 1/6 of the U.S. population.

However, Hurricane Sandy devastated, some deep character relating to the election seemed oblivious about the ability to cope with storms. On 29/10, when asked whether President Obama has the right to change the scheduled vote, the White House press secretary Jay Carney replied he was not sure.

However, in terms of the constitution, the president has no right to determine the date of the election that it is the job of Congress. In the coming weeks, Congress can change the date, but this will be difficult because the Senators are in their stay and return home in their area to campaign for re-election. In addition, the postponement of the election means change on the whole country, not just in areas affected by the storm.

Moreover, the Congress choice for the federal election, so the change will cause major influence state and local elections, which had been scheduled for 6/11.

"With the state of emergency no election process, any deviations from predefined electoral process can increase the challenge of the legality of the election," Steven Huefner, Professor Moritz law in the state of Ohio said. "Even if the state has an emergency plan, they will also face the problem of litigation about the way they implement the emergency plan."

Some people suggest that the U.S. presidential election should still take place as planned in the states, except New York and New Jersey will vote later. This can happen but the legal issues are complex because the state is responsible for the organization of the state election. Each state has its own laws to do what to do if the urgent threat to the voting process.

Federal regulations, if a state does not conduct federal elections on Congress chose, state law allows you to select a later date.

Although no presidential election has been postponed, some elections have been postponed. New York City mayor had postponed the election when terrorists attacked the city on 09/11/2001. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Louisiana governor to postpone the election in New Orleans after officials said, the polls are not ready.