Armstrong was deleted from the "village bike"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Armstrong was deleted from the "village bike"

The ending of sports career of Lance Armstrong in the afternoon 22/10 when the International Bicycle Federation removed  7 Tour de France Rewards and banned him from competing all his life.

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong has considered as the greatest biker, now was considered as the man who has used doping and cheating sophisticately most in sports history.

UCI has the final decision for Lance Armstrong's doping scandal, which removing 7's Tour de France Rewards and banned him lifelong cycling competitions.

UCI President Pat McQuaid officially confirmed this organization final decisions immediately without the case to the CAS sports court.

"Lance Armstrong has no place and deserves to be forgotten in the village bicycle. This is a day marked a turning point in the history of this sport," said Pat McQuaid said.

He said feel like sick while reading the indictment is written as thrilling Hollywood movie script of USADA.

Earlier, the U.S. anti-doping Commission has called Lance Armstrong "who used doping sophisticated, professional and most successful in the history of sports." 200-page indictment collected testimony from 26 witnesses, including 11 American racing team, which denounced embezzlement tricks and avoid stimulants such a sophisticated doping inspection no.

The indictment indicates the misconduct of Armstrong are: doping and drugs, forcing the team to use their methods, lying under investigation, building information systems to avoid the inspection doping and doping procedure to pass the test phase, threatening a witness ...

Disclosure Lance Armstrong used steroids, EPO and the latter is the method of blood transfusion to improve competition. After steroids and EPO strict control by the anti-doping program, Armstrong used the blood transfusion procedure was non stimulant. This promotes blood's ability to transport oxygen in the body help of RO increased stamina.

Armstrong lived through 500 doping checks but not once have positive results. USADA testing Armstrong no less than 60 times the and international bicycle Federation (UCI) examined about 125 times.

CEO said the entire Tour de France Lance Armstrong's achievements from 1999 to 2005, the tournament will be erased. The organizers will not speed up the achievement of the crab relay behind and empty the championship of the tournament.

In USADA's indictment indicates that up to 20/21 of each basket stood on the medal podium of the Tour de France in the period 1999-2005 are used doping. If from 1999 to 2010, the number of riders suspected of doping is 36/45 riders won medals in cycling's most prestigious professional world.

Following the judgment of the UCI, Lance Armstrong will have to face the discipline of the Olympics, where he won the Olympic HC 2000 and could be a civil war with the old donors.