Apple "evaporation" $ 76 billion for iPhone 5

Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple "evaporation" $ 76 billion for iPhone 5

Although the iPhone version is the fastest in the history of consumption, but it looks like the iPhone 5 gives Apple "problem" rather than "good" when the value of the "apple" caughtslightly to $ 76 billion from the date of the iPhone 5 launch.

Apple's market value was $ 76 billion decline from the peak 2 and a half weeks ago, before the iPhone 5 is officially on sale. This is a consequence of the drop in share prices on the stock market of Apple.

Up to the present time, Apple's stock price fell to $ 623.55 / share, making a total value of only $ 585 billion company, ignoring the $ 600 billion mark Apple has ever achieved a not long ago.

Before that, the value of Apple's stock reached the milestone of $ 700 / share for the first time in history just days after Apple's iPhone 5 is announced and the highest peak - 705.07 / shares on 21 / 9, the day of the iPhone 5 is officially sold. Top stocks helped Apple's market value reached $ 656 billion at the time.

Apple lost money because of iPhone 5
Apple lost money because of iPhone 5

However, since the iPhone 5 have been sold out, although the amount consumed fastest in history with more than 5 million iPhone 5 were sold after 3 weeks, but it seems that the confusion surrounding consecutive products This caused Apple's stock value continued to decline.

The first is the sales of the iPhone 5. Although a record, but the number of consumption is much lower than the estimates and predictions of analysts, experts believe that the iPhone 5 have sold at least 8 million units in the third first day on sale. This has partly to make investors feel so down from 5 million iPhone 5 sales.

The second is terrible riots in iPhone 5 production plants in China, with the participation of two thousand and five thousand police. The end of the riots, 10 people died and 40 were injured, a production line of iPhone 5 production is destroyed making this smartphone is interrupted and significant influence.

And the most important thing is a series of errors encountered on the iPhone 5, may be mentioned as an error map on iOS 6, scratched right out of the box or defective image haunted violet when shooting close ... led lights users feel disappointed about Apple's new smartphone. This explains why Apple's stock price rose after the iPhone 5 is introduced, but has rapidly declined after they are sold.

For these reasons, the value of Apple fell $ 76 billion since the first day of the official iPhone 5 on sale Apple makes the value of the first drop below $ 600 billion in nearly two months.

However, now Apple is the most valuable technology company in the world, with a total value of Facebook, LinkedIn and Dell combined. However, with these signs, many people believe that Apple is slowly showing the "tired" and went down after a long period of "dominance" in the technology market.